5 Awesome Things About God of War III

Brave New Gamer's James Pikover: God of War 3 isn't perfect, but we still love it, even more after our chat with Game Director Stig Asmussen. Summing up its greatness is hard without spoilers, but in this case, spoilers are abound. We'eve already exposed the downsides to God of War 3. Now let's look at the highlights.

Spoilers abound.

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WildArmed3193d ago

I was actually just gifted the whole 6 seasons of hercules for my bday (which is actually tomorrow -.- )
Apparently, they couldn't wait for to have it lol
After GOW3 I may start popping those DVDs open and go through the series.
I did like the few tid bits i saw while I was in Australia.

jamezrp3193d ago

Hercules in God of War 3 made it even more epic than it should've been. Then I found out it was Kevin Sorbo. That's like having the best cake ever, and finding out after you ate it that it'll also cure aids.

Or something like that.