New Yakuza Game in the Works

Andriasang: Yakuza 4 is all set for release this week. Just when you thought we'd be spared for a bit from endless product tie-in announcements, it looks like there's a new Yakuza game in the works.

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nefertis2871d ago

wth already? damn sega we didnt get the 4. Playb3yond

Tito082871d ago

I wish it could have some connection to Shenmue, on the storyline I mean!!!!

nefertis2871d ago

idk about that they're too different franchises. Playb3yond

sinncross2871d ago

maybe its a PSP game? i mean, 4 is not even released and they're announcing another?
Must be for a different console i reckon: PSP is my guess.

Ryuha1234h2871d ago

Jesus, I mean that's a good thing but they need to release Yakuza 4 in the west.

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