Yes, You Can Beat God of War III in Around 8 Hours

Brave New Gamer's James Pikover: A post by Ken Feldman of Santa Monica Studios, the developer of God of War 3, stated on the God of War forums that it took their fastest tester 12-13 hours to complete the game. As a game reviewer, I don't consider myself privy to special knowledge or skills, especially considered to testers, who literally play games 8-10 hours a day, and more often 6-7 days a week. But this is a false statement, as I completed the game in roughly 8 hours, 35 minutes, including the end credits and cutscenes.

This screenshot is of my final auto-save.

And for the naysayers, there's nothing wrong with brilliance being 8 hours long. Nothing at all. And that's with fighting every battle and killing every enemy, every time, and with quite a few mistakes. On Normal, as was discussed in the linked thread.

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LordMarius3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

In what mode?

Edit: Normal, pfft lame

Jamie Foxx3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I won't rush past enemies ill kill them all,ill do all the puzzles,all the side quests,and take in the scenery(best graphics this gen who could blame me?),I won't just rush the game and miss out on the gameplay in order to put out a bog-standard review like most 'unprofessional journalists' who want to get hits to their site,or to prove it can be done in 8 and a half hours just to bash another ps3 exclusive.I doubt one person who buys this game will finish it in under 10 hours,we will get our money's worth.

SnuggleBandit3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

ya im sure you just played as fast as you could through it....and 8:30 was the final time btw

and isn't bravenewgamer one of the really biased sites around here or am i mixing it up with another??

ChineseDemocracy3196d ago

Seems like someone kinda rushed through the game just to prove his point.

Even if the game is only 8.5 hours long, i'm sure many people (including myself) will be replaying this over and over again for the sheer enjoyment of the experience; not to mention trophies, challenge modes, skins, etc.

i'm going to milk this game dry.

Darkeyes3196d ago

It took me nearly 10 hours to complete GOW 1 & 2 and even they can be completed in under 5 hours (they have a Trophy in the collection to complete the game in 5 hours), so that doesn't mean the game lasts 5 hours... I take my own sweet time with games...

And really why are people so hell bent in putting GOW3 down.No seriously you guys don't find any thing to nit pick in the game so you bring on the longevity issue. It's not gonna affect my purchase and if it does for you then shame on you.. I have spent the same amount on few games in the previous generations and the game wouldn't even last more than 2 hours.. It's not as if I am gonna play it once and throw it out.. I can at least guarantee 4-5 playthroughs for me like all previous GOWs...

-Alpha3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

And God of War 3 will be no exception for me. The only exception I will make is for The Last Guardian. I unfortunately do not have the money to buy new games if I can beat them relatively quickly and I'm not one to play a game multiple times over and over again. But that doesn't make it a bad game. I am sure that however many hours the game may be it will be full of the action and excitement that the series is known for. 8 hours does seem shockingly shorter than expected but didn't SMS themselves say it was 15 hours long? Why the huge difference?

Edit: I see that it was on normal. Did the writer try to do a speed run? Because that's not a fair representation. I could have sworn Santa Monica said around 15 hours. Regardless, I can understand why this game is short anyway considering how excruciatingly time-consuming it must have been to just make a single level. And longer game =/= better game. Still, due to length, I skip out a lot on single player games. I usually only spend money on new games if they are at least 25 hours +.

MURKERR3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )


hs1233196d ago

can't believe i never played the god of series back on the ps2. I picked up god of war collection and the first game is one of the best game i have ever played. I still need to start the second one, i just can't believe how chronos look in god of war 3 much better than the CGI in first god of war game

Darkfocus3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

if it is then that just means they're the most amazing 8 hrs ever because the games been doing amazing as far as reviews go and for a short game to score that high it has to be really good. beside who didn't play through GoW 1&2 at least twice.

edit:@MURKERR did you change your comment because you were getting disagrees <.<

Jamie Foxx3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

After reading all our comments he added a 3rd paragraph,that wasn't there before.

Message to 'bravegamer'....your never gona the hits of a IGN etc,and rushing through a game to try a belittle a masterpiece is not only embarassing, it just shows how desperate of a site you really are.

MazzingerZ3196d ago

CONTRA was 20 minutes long so what? :)

Length doesn't really matter, if you get 8 hours full with crap, then yes I agree but otherwise it's very relative.

For instance, Heavenly Sword, it's full with just good stuff, there's no cheap backtracking, only gameplay variation all the time, that's a game and it's about what? 6-7 hours long? Uncharted another example...although it took me 10 hours every time despite of people saying it was 7-8 hours long.

Last week, I could finally play Batman: AA and while I thought it was great I didn't beat it...I got tired of all that backtracking and missions saving doctors and guards where you were doing all the time the SAME thing...maybe if I had played it before Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain it would have felt different, but it felt like I wasn't going forward but just moving between the same spots all the time in a bad soccer match, passing the ball from one side to the other for 10 minutes without even getting closer to the opposite team's goal area....many "long" games are like that.

I know that 8 or 10 or 12 hours (who cares) of GoW3 will be full with madness, that length is jut right for this type of game...who wants a hack'n'slash game that last 20 hours really? doing what? collecting 500 orbs to unlock the door to every level boss?

Cerebellum3196d ago

Why are you commenting on here if you haven't even read the article? He said he watched all the cut scenes and didn't rush through it! Use your eyes and read!

360degrees3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Is it a restriction on playstation exclusive games of some sort? Blu-Ray = more space and longer games according to all logic...hmmm...I suppose as long as its 2 hours longer then its brethren Heavenly Sword which clocked in at around 6 hours total play time, then I suppose it will suffice

Cerebellum3196d ago

I never actually realized how pathetic the fanboys on this site can be. Yes spending $60 dollars or $75 for me on an 8 hour game does seem like a waste since it equates to little less than $10 an hour or about 6 game rentals. Yes, I own a PS3 and yes, I am wondering why so many of the PS3 exclusives are so short in length, yet instead of answering you normally as to why many exclusives are so short, these ten year old fanboys take offense as if they got butt-hurt. I don't think normal people with lives who do not care about one system or the other do not exist anymore. The gaming industry seems to be full of zit-faced pre-pubescent wankers.

Jamie Foxx3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Secondly...stop throwing stones when you live in a glass house,it amazes me that the only people who use the term fanboys are fanboys themselves!

Ps3 owners have a right to be pi##sed off because not only are there daily lies either coming from head fanboy greenberg or his minions,theres the bias american media we have to read about constantly so yeh it gets tiresome after 3 years,we just want fairness.I havnt played gow3 but my fellings considering all the photoshopped ff pix,gt doctored videos,edges biasness,jim sterling,even santa monica themselves publicly wondering why there's so much biasness is that the author of this article rushed through the game just to post crap and get hits and I said my piece.

Now if you don't like it 'bellum the comment police' arrest me or ignore me simple.

97gsx3196d ago

Apparently the game saves only actual gameplay time which does not include cutscenes. So it very possible th game is at least 10-12 hours. At least thats what I read at ign.

Reply To cerebellum
The only short ps3 game that has come to mind is heavenly sword. Are there others?

JokesOnYou3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

We find out SC: Conviction is about 7-8 hrs long and its too short because "OMG DVD9", despite their being tons of replay value through co-op multiplayer modes. Then when GoW3 is said to be 8.5 hrs, no multi(doesnt need it) all the ps3 folks come up with all these excuses, and this guy isnt flaming the game at all, but when you make a statement and some people basicly question you, theres nothing wrong with giving creditable feedback, which he did....but of course when you dont have anything else to go on, just label him the devil to downplay the truth.

What's funny is how all these same excuses seem to only be reasonable for GoW3:

"It was a speed run.", "He didn't play on the hardest difficulty", "---- was 10hrs I beat it in 5hrs my 2nd playthrough. lol Sure if you say so, but why isn't the same assumed for every other game?

Listen I've been waiting for GoW3 for a long time, one of the few ps3 games I always knew I wanted, it will be an amazing 8hrs, probably 10 for me 'cause when I like a game I really take my time to get everything right. I know it goes both ways 360 folks arent saints but the hypocrisy evident reading briefly through many of the comments.


gta28003196d ago

I find it funny that the only people complaining and talking sh*t about the possible 8 hour length are a bunch of people(xbox fan boys) who aren't even able to experience this epic masterpiece, due to it being only available on the epicstation 3 hahaha.

BulletToothtony3196d ago

cause it goes from MS to the customer and right back to MS!!

no wonder you guys have so much time to come here and troll..

captain-obvious3196d ago

i finished the game in about 13 hours
but i really loved it

beardpapa3196d ago

where were all the articles about mw2 single player campaign?

GrandTheftZamboni3196d ago

After failed advantage arguments about graphics, disc format, hardware sales, software attach rate, software sales, teritory, 1st place among Hidef consoles, multiplat quality etc., game length is the latest ammunition 360 fanboys are using to "prove" that the 360 is better than the PS3. I wonder what they'll come up with after they're proven wrong again.

Sayai jin3196d ago

If people buy and really enjoy it thats all that matters. The game looks phenomenal, though yet I have not picked it up yet. God of War 3 is yet another great game that will be shamefully nit picked, because of some reason. This happens to other games as well for other systems.

@Jamie Foxx- Come on man. You just got through saying that only fanboys use that word and then you turn around and do the same. I too will do all the side quest, puzzles, etc. I try to get the most out of a game. The only thing I do not do is waste countless hours trying to get all the trophies or achievements. I want to play through God of War 1 & 2 and then play God of War 3 to get the full effect. Anyways enjoy this game I know I will.

Game on...

BRG90003196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

You're kidding, right? I saw at least two of them hit the top 3 headlines on N4G back in the holidays.

"Where were all the [insert this article's argument about a different console/game] articles" has becomes just a stereotype troll. Come up with something new. Whenever you say that, those articles you're asking about were almost always here.

Rampant3196d ago

lol. The sony fans just got owned

Digitaldude3196d ago

Number 1. This does not count gameplay after deaths so actual playtime could be over 12hours.
Number 2. Any longer than it is would drag on, its an action game not a RPG, 360 fans get over yourselves.
Number 3. Its got some great replayability, the trophies, the skins, arenas plus the extra DLC. Getting platinum which may take around 30+hours isn't a short game is it not?

shadow27973196d ago

"I guess the save clock does not register all the deaths, etc. in the playtime. When i mentioned the fastest play tester finished the game in 12-13 hrs. that was from our stop watches, not what the game save clock registered."

And there you have it, SantaMonicaKen was referring to actual time, not time-stamp. So pause screens (upgrading) and cutscenes (I believe) are excluded.


Cold 20003196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Bu...Bu...the INTERNATIONAL media is biased!!!!!!!

Sony fanb0ys just owned themselves now they are attacking 360 fanboys lol, this is just hilarious.

It always comes back to you guys straight into your teeth. Boom!

BWS19823195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

the 360 fanboys above have sticky pants at the thought of a PS3 game being of a certain length, or something? I'm confused.

Seriously, you frothing lemmings have to get a grip, the dude probably did a second play through, not to mention 1.26 brings up a good point (with a link)...give me a break, so it's closer to 9 hours if you've mastered the game already or make the most effort to prove a point (because you're butthurt, why else?) and you dash through it...this is a highly replayable game, and this "reviewer" obviously blasted through it, probably on multiple tries. I did the same thing with Super Metroid to see the different endings, they're called speed runs. So he "did everything"...that's conveniently subjective, whatever that means. Hell, I've never heard of this "site" so I doubt they should be given credence or any weight. Probably another one of those losers in a shack who has nothing better to do than to spread propaganda by starting up sites on the net dedicated to defamation of a console system. Nutballs...

I'll retract all of this if one single 360 fanboy above can justify their pathetic existence in this news story, which clearly has absolutely nothing to do with ANYTHING they're interested in, remember, a Sony product to them is like silver to a vampire.

madjedi3195d ago

This is pathetic gow3 isn't even out 1 day and you already have 2 articles downplaying the game by the same website, ms spin control(either official or unofficial) kicking in immediately i see. @cold 2000 seriously you and the other ms fanboys aren't any better than sony fanboys your b*tching about, both sides pull the same sh^t on each other, neither is any better or in the moral high ground.

That being said the 360 trolls here, i don't even need to name them, no ps3 gamer here believes any of you actually own a ps3, just like i actually own a 360. So your opinion on a game you will probably never play is a moot point, now i fully expect if this were a 360 exclusive game the "sony trolls" were trash talking.

The 360 trolls from here would be on full alert, countering the exact same thing they are spouting here bullsh^t, but that is the nature of being a fanboy of a particular side.

Hoggy19833195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

You need to choose a more appropriate difficulty setting.

Game looks great either way. However, what I've always found with games like DMC, Bayonetta etc is that I complete it once on normal then start another game on hard but get bored and stop half way through.

If GOW3 can buck this trend and keep drawing gamers back to play it again and again then it'll show it truly is something special. (and make any 8 hour debates redundant)

Syronicus3195d ago

By all means do so but when you report about it in a review, explain how you did it. If you played it on easy and ran past as many enemies as possible then fine, but if you want to explain to the viewers that you can play it on normal or hard and try to get every treasure and kill every enemy then explain it will take much longer.

ChozenWoan3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

but it's Halo so it gets a pass.

About 4 hours in and I'm still in awe as to how epic... I mean Olympic this game is. Just finished collecting a flashlight from a certain chariot rider and I feel like I'm still not ready for this game.

Maybe it's just me, but isn't this the exact same time/play through that was originally posted last week? Ohh well, haters will miss one of life's greatest gaming adventures due to fear of how good gaming on a real 7th gen console can be.


sid4gamerfreak3195d ago

Here we go again, how many of these retarded articles are spewing up in n4g??????

callahan093195d ago

In the other two God of War games, the time-stamp does not count during cutscenes and when you die, the time reverts back. To further explain that last one, say you reach checkpoint A, and then 10 minutes later you die, but never reached the next checkpoint. When you respawn at Checkpoint A, the time-stamp will revert back to what it was before that 10-minute stint that led to death, that amount of time is essentially erased from the game's clock. I beat God of War Collection - God of War I in 4 hours and 55 minutes according to the in-game time-stamp when I went for the under 5 hours trophy, but including cut-scenes and restarts after deaths and so forth, it was actually at least a couple of hours longer than that, not counting when I went to the bathroom and ate. I did it in 1 day, it took me about 10 hours, but I ate twice and had to pee a couple of times in that span. Subtract maybe 90 minutes for those breaks, and it was more like 8 and a half hours, even though the time stamp read just under 5.

HolyOrangeCows3195d ago

Look at me! I can rush through God of War 3 in 8.5 hours and call it 8 hours and get hits for my website!

nycredude3195d ago

Seriously game is out like less than one day and this douche is woke up and the first thing he does is post this article to proof his point. Obviously he just play it as fast as he can, maybe even his second playthrough so he new what to do already. For all we know he bought the the guide or cheated on all the bosses.

Who really cares. You can beat both gow 1 and 2 pretty fast (what I heard) but Both took me more than 10 to 12 hours so I am sure this is going to take me 12 to 15. I have yet once to clock in the same hours as the reviewers say in any games, except COD games.

tizack3195d ago

Let me show you just how effortless and easy it is to throw mud...

So, how come the playthrough time on halo isn't questioned? If you play right through i think it took me all of a 3 to 4 evenings to get through the whole game, oh crap I forgot, in Halo's case it had bleeding edge graphics that were way ahead of the pack! i mean seriously folks it raised the bar... oh crap wait, it didn't do that either... Oh yeah thats right the multiplayer. So 8 million bought halo 3 specifically for the multiplayer, because there are no multiplayer games out there to rival it and it did things that blew people away compared to halo 2 and 1. oh wait, thats not true either, because there is really nothing too special about the multiplayer part either... Oh yeah, i forgot the AMAZING XBOX LIVE thats why we all got halo 3. LIVE is WAY better than the psn, even though we can't give any empirical details as to why other than to say the people who use psn suck or are rude or mean and Everyone on LIVE lives in perfect harmony. And it is SOOOOOOO much Better in every way.... (honestly i own both consoles and am yet to really understand what makes LIVE so amazing...) so 8 million people bought a game basically because of a name even though halo 3 offered almost nothing new or better to the experience other than just advancing the story and finishing the trilogy. Ok, so its ok for people to buy halo 3/ODST sheerly because of the name tied to the game, but on the reverse, a game that far surpasses its predecessors in every way is a sham and a let down and should not be bought... Seriously folks... Xbox fanboys just need to leave this one alone. You just sound dumb... I won't even get started on the play through time on RPGS like the illustrious and amazing Fable II that probably can be played through and beaten in about the same amount of time or less.... That game is the most pathetic excuse for an rpg i have ever seen. alot of nice gimmicks but no play value... Still the game sells millions because, well, I'm not sure other than the name...

that took all of about 5 minutes and no real thought to produce... wouldn't it be nice if when people wrote articles, they actually took the time to write something useful, instead of just writing something that is just going to tick alot of people off in the end and offer no useful information? Its all about the exposure though...

Christopher3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

The _only_ issue is that this screenshot does nothing to prove that this wasn't his second playthrough of the game with all the perks from the first time through.

Otherwise, it is fairly damning evidence.

Edit: After reading a few of the responses here, all I can do is question why every article has to turn into a PS3 vs 360 fanboy war? Since when did the amount of time it takes to complete a game become about which console is better? Last time I checked, they both are full of single player games that can be finished easily within 6-12 hours time... the MASS MAJORITY OF THEM BEING MULTIPLATFORM.

Montrealien3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

@Jamie Foxx

lol for thinking there are side missions.

anyways, everyone here at work finished it in under 10 hours, it is short. The biggest let down is that no fights in the whole game is as epic as Poseidon, and thats the first fight. No matter what though, this game is amazing.

and cgoodno, what perks are you talking about? You start the second play through with zero upgrades, just like the first play through. You do have a nice skin on Kratos though, that just reverts to the normal one in the cut scenes.

Christopher3195d ago

Costumes, which can really improve your progression through the next playthrough.

pegger243195d ago

does this mean if you play it for 8.5 hours and aren't done that you have to start over?

ridiculous, enjoy the f'n game or don't but quit arguing over such trivial silly sh*t

syanara3195d ago

you have to admit those are the greatest 8 hours of your life though.

hankmoody3195d ago

For one, so what if it's 8 hours long? Like the article says, there's nothing wrong with 8 hours of brilliance. Secondly, he beat the game in 8 hours and change on the normal level, which is what the majority of the games purchasers will be playing. And it's the default setting installed by the developers themselves. Just accept the facts, they're right in your face. And in the end I repeat, so want?

solidt123195d ago

i been playing it for 11 hours and have not beat it yet. i played the first have on normal then switch to easy because i was getting my a$$ kicked.

Red Panda3195d ago

Even if it is short you get a lot of great gaming packed into it. Do you want it to be like other games where you spend 20 plus hours doing the same thing over and over again. I will probably spend 8 hours just admiring the surrounding environments. Lastly, if you just blow through games and don't stop to smell the flowers, what is the point in playing. Its an experience not just to see how fast you can beat it.

Homicide3195d ago

@Jokes on You, lol...very true. But what did you expect from the Sony fanboys.

Nevers3195d ago

I beat "I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMB13S IN 1T in 10 minutes and still feel like it was a fulfilling experience.

GoW3 demo entertained me and several buddies for hours this weekend... the full game will offer way more than that. I'm a completionist so I'll play it into the ground an until the higher difficulties rape my face too much ...

IdleLeeSiuLung3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

All I said is I would rather believe multiple independent review sites rather than one developer:


You know who you are!!!

Why do I say that? Because the independent review sites are trying to sell me the game. The developer is?

I don't think 8 hours is such a big deal, because it is 8 QUALITY hours. Besides most of these games are single player games with limited re-playability anyhow. If you are concerned about re-playability, stick with multiplayer games!!!

Therealspy17763195d ago

i made the decision to buy gow 3 last night about 30 minutes before midnight largely because of that article i read where he said it would take the avg person 14-16 hours.

i kinda feel duped. game is fun, but 8 hours... this trend of making games shorter while charging more is getting on my nerves. few games give you worthwhile content anymore. i can't remember the last console game i paid 60 dollars for where i thought "wow that was totally worth the 60 dollars." maybe the first bioshock. mgs4. Halo 3. and the first gears of war. that's about it for this generation though. not saying they're the only good games, just the only ones i can think of off the top of my head that justified paying a full retail price.

kwicksandz3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Time to start calling out the fanboys and hypocrits from the splinter cell and other God of war thread!
All comments copy pasted from and

nycredude in reguards to the 7 hour splinter cell campaign

"If this is true then I will pass. I refuse to pay for xbox live (my own reasons) so all this other coop and mp stuff is wasted for me. I would rather take a long, absolutely amazing single player over coop and mp any day. ie Uncharted 2, but UC2 has both"

skv007 on the 8 hour god of war is a myth thread.

"lol i guess sudden playing half the game earns you the right to review it.

So hwo much time did you put into it?
8 hours......."

Chubear on splinter cells length

"7hr SP experience? really? Uhmmm, this doesn't sound reassuring. Seems like it'll deliver a regular multiplatform type experience. Good but nothing memorable"


"Small storage medium...( with such gorgeous graphics)No wonder they had to shorten the game"

I could get alot more examples but really its not worth the time. N4G posters are straight up hypocrits

Aaroncls73195d ago

What an a$$hole!

The guy rushed through it? Just to counter the developer post, lawl.

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3196d ago
Cmen3196d ago

lol only 8 hours...60 dollars going to waste

bRAAAaaains3196d ago Show
Sarevok3196d ago Show
edwineverready3196d ago

because you won't even play 1 minute of this game?

the bastards3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

no, spending premium price for in game chat is a waste. not to mention that thing called "move". you can take that watchamacallit and probe your self with it.

3196d ago
gta28003196d ago

Oh, so you only invest in games that last the longest? So that means you only play games to kill time. And you call your self a "gamer"? I play games for the experience. And God of War is an awesome video game experience. I'd pay 100 to experience that epic game :)

D4RkNIKON3196d ago

Listen to how many 360 kids are complaining that the game is 8 hours. As if they even plan to play it, or as if that is the reason why they decided not to. LMAO!! I am playing through GOW3 now and there is a reason why these kids are jealous enough to be on the forums talking crap, the game is simply amazing.

Where were all of you whiners when ODST released and you paid full retail price for an expansion, claiming that it had a 6 hour campaign + maps made it worth the price. Get lost!

madjedi3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

@3.6 I find it hilarious that the ps3/360 fbs are throwing stupid little quick jab insults, at each others console and your name is cerebellum and yet your the only one that has resorted to insulting others intelligence, questioning their ages, cussing at other posters. And basically throwing a big ass temper tantrum because of something as simple as 2 sets of fanboys arguing about who games are better.

Now several of us could easily buy a 360, if we so choose to, but do to a variety of reasons, i am not interested in 90+% of the exclusives, mp games cost nothing extra on the ps3 ect, i see no need for a 360, as i am sure it is a similar case for others.

Now the 360 has well known history of setting a new level of high failure rates in the past, anyone with a brain knows ms didn't set aside 1.3 or 1.5 billion for repair costs for nothing.

Lastly i notice you are only going after the ps3 fanboys, you joined the site a handful of hrs ago, and you mention you just got your 360, meaning you really don't have much experience with it yourself.

I can handle the back and forth console arguing, it's actually interesting at times, however your post is alot more insulting and immature than any of the posts from either sides fanboys, in this article. Before you start damning others for their biases and choices, i would look hard at your own posts to see if your really any better, i am betting no one is.

ChozenWoan3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

talk about $250-$500 going to waste. Assuming one has Live for 5-10 years. For that price the xbox720 should come free... but I doubt it.

Ohh and enjoy that three year warranty... your gonna need it.

On Topic:
GoW3 delivers non stop action and epic battles that would make even Master Chief question if he is worthy of being called a Spartan. So far it's been the best 4 hours of my gaming history and I've been gaming for 30year. Can't wait to see what the next 4-10 hours will bring. Not to mention the replays.

Montrealien3195d ago

Well D4RkNIKON, I own the game and ODST has a very solid Multiplayer component.

I am alowed to talk crap if I am a little dissapointed since I have owned every playstation console ever made. And I will always love them, but also be one of their harshest critics, so many people here on N4G have nothing but blind faith for the console they worship, that is the worst.

3195d ago
lovestospoodge3195d ago

lol only some little fanboy named Cmen...$6,000 of your parents' money for the hospital bill going to waste

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jamezrp3196d ago

Yes, in normal. And I never said 8 hours was bad. It may have been the best 8 hours of the damn year.

Das_Bastardion3196d ago

I can hear it approaching... xbots lead the way...

TheOutsider3196d ago

What does this jackass want? a FU*KEN COOKIE!!!!!

Noble Spartan3195d ago


Yh right 12 hours....

Stop trying to back up a 6 hour linear game with QTE events.

borgome3195d ago

I could just close my eyes and button smash (hack & slash) my way through the game in 8 hours no problem.

dustgavin3195d ago

About an hour into the game and could care less how long it takes to finish. It is well worth the purchase and I will definitely play through multiple times.