Rendering God of War III's Colossal Enemies

"The Gaia scene is an example of something that wouldn't fly on the [Xbox] 360," Filippov says. "The reason is you need to recalculate that entire surface-all of Gaia's skin-and you need to calculate collisions for all the dozens of enemies climbing on and sticking to that surface."

After all, it's not the size that matters. It's the number of SPUs you have handy to constantly recalculate it.

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Crossifixxo3193d ago

God of War is here and is here to stay. Its already been said to be blowimg everyone's minds away, it was only time that an article came out saying that the 360 couldn't do the game. But the 360 being a different engine and that the cell processor made especially by sony for the PS3. But glad that GOW3 is coming out only e more days for us in the UK.

Kors3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

First Uncharted, then MGS4, then Killzone 2, then Uncharted 2, then Heavy Rain - and now God of War III.

Notice how PS3 exclusives keep on winning the crown for console graphics king.