'God Of War 3': Everything You Need To Know

MTV: Killing a God of Olympus? Piece of cake. Killing all of them? In that case, you may have your hands full. Such is the massive task set before players in "God of War 3," the anticipated culmination of Sony's hugely popular "God of War" series. When the game launches on March 16, gamers will get to see what becomes of Kratos and whether he's able to fulfill his epic quest for revenge.

For newcomers, the "God of War" series tells the story of Kratos, a Spartan soldier in ancient Greece who becomes a warrior for the Gods themselves. With his newfound power, Kratos enters combat with such ferocity that, in an unfortunate accident, he ends up killing his wife and daughter. It's in his despair that he curses the Gods and proclaims that he'll seek vengeance against them.

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