Sony's timing tricky for God of War III

LA Times: The opening scene for Sony Corp.'s God of War III video game shows a muscle-bound ancient Greek warrior named Kratos vowing, "My vengeance is now."

Punishing rivals is what Sony hopes to do with its hugely anticipated, big-budget video game, which launches Tuesday.

To recoup high production costs, most video games are made to be played on multiple systems, reaching the largest pool of buyers possible. But the Japanese electronics giant produced God of War III solely for its PlayStation 3 console, hoping it would boost sales for the device, which has lagged in third place behind rivals Xbox 360 from Microsoft and Wii from Nintendo.

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Danny Dan3194d ago

I liked the fact that LA Times is writing an article about GoW3 but I don't like the negative tone of it all. Has barely anything positive to say, just woes upon woes.

This is a great day for PS3 owners. I'll be enjoying this game tonight =)

nycredude3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Lately, since the GDC MOve presentation it's been nothing but negative press on N4g for the Ps3. This during one of the best quarter (exclusive releases wise) for the Ps3. I can't say I am surprised. It's the way the competition work in the US.

It's called smear campaign and politicians use it all the time. there should be no place for it in the gaming industry. I wish Sony would stop taking the high road and start firing back, maybe have an open forum debate telecasted to the world. However being a Japanese company I doubt it would ever happen.

Edit: Damn this article reads like it was written by a fool still in elementary school or something.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

"maybe have an open forum debate telecasted to the world."

lol, ya gotta love N4G.

D4RkNIKON3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

I got the game last night at a Midnight Launch and played until 5 am.. I had work at 9 am.. So I got about 3 hours of sleep and I can't wait to get off work and get right back to GOW! Sleep? WHO NEEDS IT!?

joydestroy3194d ago

dude, i just checked the brick and mortar stores around here and they're all sold out of PS3's! i didn't think it was true but it is. wow.

e: even amazon is sold out unless you wanna pay more than the regular price!

kingme713194d ago

I was at Best Buy today and not a single PS3 to be found. There were at least 50 360's in stock, so the shortages could be valid and not just noise from Sony.

I suspect they underestimated the holiday demand and had to supply that time quarter with inventory intended for this quarter. Unfortunate because of all the big March titles out now.

DarkTower8053194d ago

Yeah Danny Dan I agree. No matter what success the PS3 seems to have, the woe articles still get printed. Fact is that since the Slim launch and price drop the PS3 has had amazing success, and the momentum isn't stopping like some thought. 1st party titles are pletiful and are selling great.

IdleLeeSiuLung3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Either there are no shortages or Sony is pretty stupid for not preparing enough stock considering:

- September/October: They had a huge price drop!
- November: Uncharted 2 was released
- December is the biggest sales month of the year
- January: one of the years biggest sales month as consumers shop after they receive gift cards and snap up after Christmas sales. This is when savvy consumers shop and the best time for Sony to capitalize on their value for the PS3. After all, savvy consumers are the one that is more likely to recognize the value.
- February: Heavy Rain was released
- March: God of War 3 and Final Fantasy 13 is released

SO every single month since October, there has a been an exceptionally good reason to keep plenty of PS3 in stock!

Any idiot can clearly tell that Sony as a business seriously needs some help planning. Just the fact that FF XIII and God of War 3 is released within a week of each other is enough stupidity let alone not have enough stock of PS3s.

Now tell me how the media can ignore this!

MikeGdaGod3194d ago

i already finished 1, now i'm finishing 2 (should be done tonight)


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raztad3194d ago

I feel there is something wrong with this quote:

"But the Japanese electronics giant produced God of War III solely for its PlayStation 3 console, hoping it would boost sales for the device, which has lagged in third place behind rivals Xbox 360 from Microsoft and Wii from Nintendo."

Was LATIMES expecting Sony to go multiplat?

Quote is full of fail. Stop reading.

kingme713194d ago

I suspect the author was using that to springboard into the other topics he was wanting to discuss like the console race and whatnot, but I agree, it just sort of sounds stupid to even bring up the idea any of the big 3 console owners would even consider making a game for their competitor.

sikbeta3194d ago


Well, that's What happen when someone Don't Know Crap About Something but want to Sound/look/be Wise/[email protected] rather than Shut Up...

ShinnokDrako3194d ago

They wanted GoW3 multi?!? Oh right, when does "Super Mario PS3" come out?
Another garbage article from LA Times, it seems... correct me if i'm wrong ;P

2FootYard3194d ago

God of War is kind of lame. The only part I like is ramming enemies with their comrades.

butterfinger3194d ago

your copy then. I would hate for this gem to be wasted on someone that can't appreciate it.

rucky3194d ago

If you like ramming so much that's your business but perhaps may I suggest a little less manly game.

twoface3194d ago

Gears of War was kind of lame too. The only part I enjoyed was when I was removing the disc from the tray.

Ah well...but to each his own

2FootYard3194d ago

What the hell does this have to with that piece of crap Gears of War?

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Ares84PS33194d ago

Like raztad said.

The firs few sentences tell you how poor LATimes' knowledge in the video gaming world.

Also about the sortages.....just walk into any Best Buy and I'm pretty sure you will be able to buy a PS3. My gf just went to best buy to buy Ninja Assassin for me on BD and she said there where tons of consoles there.

US media just NEEDS to shed a bad light on Sony every chance they get. This is why Sony fans are so upset. Because of BS journalists that don't even know what the hell they are talking about.

Advice for LATimes: Do the video game community a favor, go back to politics and NEVER EVER mention video games in your worthless newspaper.

kwyjibo3194d ago

Holy f*ck, you have your tin foil hat on tight. Or you have absolutely no perception on how the media operates.

This is almost a marketing puff piece. It quotes Sony executives and developers - heck, it allows a Sony executive to conclude the piece.

This piece, is aimed at the general audience. Not gamers. This is why it goes out of its way to explain why the game is exclusive.

Hardware shortages aren't exactly the worse problem to have, and it's one that Tretton acknowledges in the article.

You have a story in the LA Times letting everyone know that God of War 3 is out, that it's epic, that Sony are investing in their machine, and that their machine is popular.

And yet, Sony fantards are still decrying this as bias. This is why no one likes you, because you act like idiots. I'm sure you'll get loads of agrees though, down to the massive persecution complex you guys have.

UnwanteDreamz3194d ago

I live in a large city with an international airport. No Best Buy in my metroplex has a PS3, none. Gamestops in my city are also sold out and you have to put down a deposit to reserve one (gamestops website says they are on backorder no timeline when you can receive one).

I am sure your gurlfriend saw plenty but not the case where I live. The internet also seems to agree. The more expensive 250gig is all you can find instock at major retailers. That and preowned consoles.

I can keep going but I hope you get the point.

butterfinger3194d ago

has called 9 Best Buys within 100 miles of our area, no PS3s. Keep in mind that simply because there happens to be a lot of PS3s at your Best Buy, this has nothing to do with the entire United States. Also, Sony was expected to have solved the supply issues just in time for God of War III. There are no conspiracy theories here, sir.

harrisk9543194d ago

No PS3s in any Best Buys from Palm Beach to Miami... And all of my local Game Stops are either sold out or only have a couple of 250 GB models.

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