Top 10 Reasons to Hold On to a Game

DualShockers writes, "Hey everybody. Recently DualShockers showed you, the gamer community, that game retailers have been making great deals lately for sellers and buyers in the used games market compared to past scenarios. In these economically challenging times, it becomes more important than ever before for us as gamers to make the right choices. Trading a game in is not always a safe bet that you won't regret it. Collecting with video games is perhaps more intense than any other collecting hobby around, because at any given moment you can engage in interactive experiences of all types and become immersed in any reality you choose. Read on for the top 10 reasons to hold on to a game, especially in this generation..."

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Chadness3166d ago

There are a lot of games that I have owned at one time or another that I wish I kept, for a number of the reasons in the article.

mal_tez923166d ago

Great story, and fun set pieces get old after a while; but fun gameplay mechanics are timeless.

That's why I still enjoy Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. It's awesome gameplay will never get old.

JoelT3166d ago

Down with digital distribution! Viva La Resistance!

Hitman07693166d ago

I can definitely think of a million too, expect more reasons in the coming months! This is just the beginning, the Top 10 reasons that apply to the widest variety of gamers out there!

Hitman07693166d ago

Hopefully this helps out some gamers weighing difficult decisions right now!

iiprotocolii3166d ago

Personally, I'm a collector so even the most atrocious games I keep. But, for me, a keeper is a game that leaves a solid emotional attachment - that tends to happen with games with great stories. But there are games (action) that are fun as hell and give off that feeling that you might go back to it again someday.

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The story is too old to be commented.