Sony: Passing On Demon's Souls "A Mistake"

So says Sony Computer Entertainment VP of international software Yeonkyung Kim, according to 1UP's account of his GDC appearance. "It should have come out as a first-party title," Kim said. Sony expected initial shipments of 15,000, but the game has since gone on to see impressive sales in the U.S.

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Crazyhorse3196d ago

Biggest mistake they ever make

raztad3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I called it


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Thanks man. It's already done :)

TheHater3196d ago

click on your name. Go to your comments and click view on the comment you want to link to.

Chubear3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Don't think it was some bad mistake really. I mean, we all saw this game @ E3 2008 and it looked like it played like ass. No one even gave it much of a thought but the final product delivered in a huge way and blind sided probably 99% of the gaming community and Sony just wasn't sure (with all the insane FUD they have to deal with) how it would be received in NA. Atlus did us a solid by putting themselves out there for NA and I'm grateful to them.

This why I will not doubt games like Mars, Protocol & Quantum Theory 'till I hear hands on feed back from other gamers or I try & feel them out for myself. They all looked like ass but have you guys seen the latest vids of Protocol? Looks really interesting and far from how it looked in presentation 6months ago.

Well, at least SCEE helped out a lot with the title so they tried in some way I guess.

All I know is - Demon Souls2 will be fire... if they dumb it down for newage gamers that's going to hurt and I will spit.

legendkilla3196d ago

i hope they make it more difficult as well!! like when they have the all black world tendencies. Oh and make more outdoor/castle level's, im not a huge fan of those dark swampy levels

ThdeGreatestOne3196d ago

At least they admitted their mistake I guess.

WildArmed3196d ago

I admit.
I hated the game.. until Oct 09.
I started reading reviews... and watching video reviews.
And i fell heads over heels in love with Demons Souls.
A challenging action JRPG.. wow.. life couldnt get any sweeter..
Touch the demon inside.

SaiyanFury3196d ago

The fact is that RPGamers are looking for a King's Field game, but found the next best thing in Demon's Souls. I know I love the game, but I'm still waiting for a new King's Field. It was one of my fave series' on the original PS, and when I played KF: Ancient City on PS2, it was golden. Come on Sony and FROM, give us the King's Field game we need!

callahan093196d ago

I just hope they see all the sales and popularity and adoration the game has enjoyed both in Japan and the West such that they call up Hidetaka Miyazaki (director) and Masanori Takeuchi (producer) and get to work on a sequel!

ThanatosDMC3196d ago

I'm an importer! Kick ass game.

DaTruth3196d ago

"Yet it became a breakout through word-of-mouth, with current sales closing in on a quarter of a million."

"but the game has since gone on to see impressive sales in the U.S."

Bu, bu, but, 2 million is teh flop show!

Bordel_19003196d ago

Huge mistake by Sony.


SCEE helped out??? This game isn'even out in Europe yet, what kind of help is that?

Commander TK3196d ago

would publish it in Europe so people live in the region where there is most PS3s would enjoy it...

sikbeta3195d ago

The Only Important Thing is That we Played The Game and IS Awesome...

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Nitrowolf23196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

yeah but in the end it worked out , hopefully sony doesn't make that mistake with #2

GiantEnemyCrab3196d ago

From Software really surprised a lot with this. Considering at the same time they released the giant turd that is Ninja Blade as an Xbox exclusive that I bought I will never give my money to From again.

ClownBelt3196d ago

You're forgetting the fricking worst game this gen which is Enchanted Arms made by that devs as well.

Nitrowolf23196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

lol didn't that sell for like 20bucks at launch?
also edge works made that game (Enchanted Arms), software published it

TheHater3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

send their developers to FromSoftware to help with the development of Demon's Souls

Chubear3196d ago

What's with the disagree? Fact is fact is it not?

TheHater3196d ago

You know these butthurt kids these days.

raztad3196d ago

THe first thing you see when you pop in DS (NA version) is:

Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony Japan Studio

From Software

DS is a fully owned Sony IP. Game was developed by SCEJ and From Software. TheHater is absolutely right on this one.

Myze3196d ago

Considering they aren't the best developers and have released some average or worse games, I'm somewhat scared Demon's Souls was a fluke. Sure hope not, of course.

Sevir043196d ago

and Sony america desided to pass on localizing it so they had Atlus publish the game in the States.. wow and behold the game performed better than atlus expected and they saw profit.. this game even went without marketing from Sony.... i saw no ads for this game on TV... but I bought this the same day i purchased Uncharted 2, the same day U2 came out. love this game.

kingdavid3196d ago

but its good to see a dev get it right.

Im used to dud devs just releasing shovelware after shovelware (grin, multiple other studios). Hopefully its a step in the right direction for from.

callahan093196d ago

I personally love From Software. Lifelong Armored Core and King's Field fan, here, and I liked Enchanted Arms because the battle system was unique and really strategy-based (and I like the collectible aspect where you can create a party not only out of the story characters but out of monsters that you collect along the way). Story wasn't great, but I had tons of fun with the battle system. And Ninja Blade kicked ass, too. It wasn't perfect, but I had a lot of fun with it, I found it to be a pretty stylish game. Demon's Souls, though, is like manna from heaven compared to their other games. It's easily my favorite game this generation, not even a contest, it's far and away the victor for me.

ThanatosDMC3196d ago

I love their Armored Core games.

jack_burt0n3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Lost kingdoms was awesome, from software is awesome just hope they get back with acquire to make some ps3 tenchu!!

yeah in order to get it back on track they need to simply remake the first in HD on ps3.

DaTruth3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

The first game I played on the original Playstation was Tenchu. From are responsible for returning me to gaming since the SMS and NES days(with some super NES at friends house's and the Street Fighter arcade craze).

Tenchu was a massive hit! Then Activision(don't know for sure if it was Activision) brought it to the 360 as an exclusive and it flopped hard. Now they no longer produce the series! Says on the box, Tenchu is a trademark of Sony Music Entertainment(Japan), so I don't know how they managed this!

360 stealth killed Tenchu. Thanks again MS!

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MajestieBeast3196d ago

Im actually glad atlus published else i dont think we would have gotten that kick ass deluxe edition. I dont think anyone expected the game to sell as it did.

nefertis3196d ago

I still got minds, i wouldnt trade it in too no one lol. Playb3yond

DJ3196d ago

Ready to sign an exclusive deal with them?

MajestieBeast3196d ago

Its a given when i saw from software on the move list. Demons souls 2 with move would be insane ofc optional.

raztad3196d ago


I dont get it. Who is them?

LiquifiedArt3196d ago


I'm not a casual nooblet, but I'd buy the MOVE for this barnone. I'll admit that right here and right now.

Make it a reality Sony!

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