Rumor: Level-5's announcement next month is Sengoku Baseball Team

Just a quick refresher: Last week, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino stated on his Twitter account that his company will be revealing a new game next month. The announcement seems like it'll be pretty important since Hino said that "it will become an extremely anticipated title."

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Valay3144d ago

Even though I think Level-5 is a fantastic developer, I've got to admit that I'd be disappointed if this turns out to be the announcement.

aaron58293144d ago

no offense.. i find baseball one of the most boring sports i ever seen and i'll never buy a baseball game...


legendkilla3144d ago

its fun to play... boring to watch unless you have cold beers :)

qface643144d ago

all of you guys are so silly
i can bet anything it will be just that and guess what its gonna sell good and guess what again it actually is very anticipated IN JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!

97gsx3144d ago

Anyone remember rogue galaxy for the ps2? I would love a sequel for that game.

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Ziriux3144d ago

I have no idea why any game pub/dev. would do anything baseball related, sales cant' be good.

blasian3144d ago

am i gettin punkd.....

MajestieBeast3144d ago

Please god no just make dark cloud 3 already or a new professor layton game anything but baseball.

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