AusGamers - GDC 2010: The PlayStation Move Hands On


Even with all the excitement and splendor of a fully equipped Sony marketing shinding, it was a bit hard to get too excited about the PlayStation Move. Unless you've been living in Siberia under the permafrost you've almost certainly seen the Nintendo Wii and its revolutionary controller system that has resulted in just mind-bogglingly incredible sales.

Sony have clearly taken a page out of the Nintendo playbook here; the device looks a lot like the Wii controller and obviously does a bunch of the same things. So rather than waste your cranial capacity talking about the things it does similarly, I'll recap some of the highlights of the presentation and the following hands-on we got afterward.

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whateva3195d ago

Sony wand has been patent since 2004

Sony was doing the Motion controls since 2000

keysy4203194d ago

wasnt it said that when the ps3 came out. we've seen this before and now 4 yrs later we can see the difference