Blizzard Working on StarCraft II Mac Beta

GCO: "It seems that video game developers and publishers, after a bit of an hiatus, are beginning to "re-open support" to Apple's operating system, Blizzard reveals that a beta for StarCraft II is in the advance stages of development and that they do plan to release the beta next month on Mac operating systems."

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Erocal3051d ago

I opted in with my macbook pro, but I have a new imac now. Wonder if I should change it. Very good news.

hen5553051d ago

somone give me a pc beta key lol

electricshadow3051d ago

Signed up for the Mac Beta. =D

Pekka3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Blizzard have supported Mac with every game for last 15 years. So they aren't "re-opening support" because they have always supported Mac.