Catacombs Updated, Significant Improvements Made

No Dpad:

The 1.1 update for InMotion Software's dual-stick dungeon-crawler, Catacombs, went live today, bringing significant improvements to the game. When I reviewed the 1.0 version of the game last month I found it Worth A Look, but the many improvements in 1.1 have me reconsidering that score.

A new quest system has been added, providing goals for the player. There are global goals to collect prescribed amounts of loot, dungeon goals to be completed in specific dungeons, and character goals which differ depending on your chosen character class. The combination of these quests along with the new story text that precedes your embarking into each dungeon gives the game a sense of lore, the impression that there is a larger world and story at work, and that you're no longer raiding dungeons without a purpose. I complained of the game's lack of purpose in my review, and am happy to see the complaint addressed so well in the 1.1 update.

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