Overdoing It: Trophy Whores

Gamer Limit writes "I don't mean to exaggerate things here, but it seems to me that an incredible number of my PS3 friends waste countless hours in the hope that their trophy collection will increase."

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StartWars3195d ago

Trophies are exceedingly pointless. That is all.

TheHardLine3195d ago

BS, they serve a purpose of allowing the user to get more value out of their game.

Eddie201013195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

In the article the person mentions both achievements and trophy's throughout the article as overdoing it. The title of the article should have both trophies and achievements in it, but instead he chose to flame bait the PS3 fans, seems standard practice these days. I' m sure I'll be called a fanboy for mentioning it.

If you like em fine, if you don't fine, doesn't affect the game really.

f7897903195d ago

Platinum trophies are pointless. They are a symbol of free time.

rambi803195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

if people have FUN trying to get them then isn't that the point of gaming?

You are going to die - all your actions are pointless -

bruddahmanmatt3195d ago

If a platinum is attainable through what I consider "a normal amount of gameplay" I'll generally go for it. Games that require you to do anything drastic (i.e. obnoxious amounts of trophy boosting or playing for extended periods of time beyond what you'd normally play) on the other hand, forget it. Games like Warhawk, Far Cry 2, Socom: Confrontation...eff that. That's not to say I shy away from tough games (COD:WAW was one of the toughest plats I've obtained) but having to pour hours into a single title and miss out on other games just for an icon? Oh please.

The best are the folks on my friends list who play scrub games for trophies or better yet, this one friend I have who refuses to put a game into his PS3 unless he knows that 100% is possible. Not just a platinum mind you, but 100% as in he'll buy any scrub piece of DLC in order to make sure that his stats show every game he's played as 100%. He even told me once that he really wanted to get Street Fighter IV, but "couldn't because it would be too hard to get 100%." Guy also refuses to put the copy of FEAR2 he bought into his PS3 until he finds someone to boost the MP trophies with. He even attempted to convince me to buy the game just to help him. Loooooser. Only reason I don't delete him is for the humor factor.

pixelsword3195d ago

If people want to do it, then that's fine with me.

It's funny; no one complained about gamerscores, but now all of a sudden trophies are "useless".


aaron58293195d ago

Good luck getting a platinum in GT5..

Something tells me, a 4-8 hour endurance race will get you silver trophy... and 24-hour at nurburgring endurance race will earn you a gold trophy.


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thedoctor3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

The fact is that these things now *force* us to perform increasingly ridiculous stunts in order to 100% a game.

DarkTower8053195d ago

Nobody is forcing you to even play the game, get real. Also, many games "forced" you to do exceedingly pointless crap to 100% the game before the whole trophy/achievement thing. Case in point: http://www.gta-sanandreas.c...

themizarkshow3195d ago

He contradicts himself completely in this article... first of all, if they are pointless/worthless, he would have to show that they really do have no worth to the gamer or devs/publishers. But when I choose to play a PS3/360 game for these "worthless" things because I enjoy that hunt, and end up ignoring my DS, Wii, or PSP games, it means that I am getting more out of the experience; and by me getting addicted to these little rewards, I don't sell games back as quickly or at all, and will often replay games I may not have done so otherwise.

Anything to keep gamers from reselling games, to push them to buy new DLC, to keep certain games in their console over newer/older ones, etc... means that they have some sort of worth. If not specifically to the gamer earning them, than definitely to the devs/publishers of said games.

Secondly, to claim that we get nothing from these extra rewards should also mean we do get something from the first play through that we wouldn't out of repeated plays or hunting for these little gems. I don't think this point is defensible, though, because the gaming experience is too subjective. I don't care for Starcraft but others are still playing the original game. Just because I don't enjoy it doesn't mean their enjoyment/value of it is worthless or stupid.

I'm a trophy whore and I'm proud. Just because you aren't doesn't mean you should blow it off or try to claim it's objectively stupid.

jFND903195d ago

Trophies are so inferior compared to Achievements.

Nitrowolf23195d ago

omg they are the same thing almost, the system is different, achievment: rack up for points Trophies: rack up to help move towards the next level

FunAndGun3195d ago

they are pretty much the same thing.

I would rather say I am level 13 instead of saying I have a 21,750 score or 21,750 points.

Nitrowolf23195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

yeah i would rather state a level also, i mean come on i am twenty one thousand seven hundred and fifty score points, or i am level fifth teen . But really they are no different in terms of achieving them

Fullish3195d ago

agreed, calling them trophies was just so they could have a different title to xbox's

The Great Melon3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

The only thing that really differentiates them are the platinum trophies. When I say I have X number of platinum trophies, people know I have beat X number of games completely. The platinum trophy count is more important than the overall level to me.

Ravage273195d ago

sacarsm? you can never tell these days....

badz1493194d ago

just hope that he's not being serious with that comment of his

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Solidus187-SCMilk3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

I say this because my games are split between the two and Its harder to compare/care about the totals when they are split up.

For example I see someone on my ps3 friends list who has more trophies because they played AC2 and borderlands on PS3 while I played them on my 360, and if I add my achievements and trophies together I have way more than them.

I dont have that many of either so I dont really care. I like collecting them but dont usually go outa my way to get them, and I WILL NEVER play a crappy game just for trophies/achievements.

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