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N4G Sol Survivor Steam Key Giveaway

Thanks to Dylan Barker at Cadenza Interactive, we have a couple Steam Keys for the newly released PC version of their XBLA title, Sol Survivor!

Because we have a very limited number of keys, commenting below will enter you in a drawing to be held at Midnight tonight (PST). Winners will be notified via PM with their key by Noon (PST) tomorrow, March 17.

Sol Survivor was a Top 6 Dream.Build.Play finalist for 2009. A Turret Defense game where you construct a stationary defense to protect your colonies from the advancing enemy horde, you deploy stationary turrets, drop in support from orbital weapons platforms, and crush those who would dare to attack you. Play in one of several locations and unique worlds, each with a different look and feel.  Battle with advanced creeps who use unique strategies to bypass your defenses. Engage friends in co-operative or competitive multiplayer modes that challenge the limits of traditional turret defense. (Contests, PC, Sol Survivor)

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kalel114  +   1962d ago
This game looks like fun.
gintoki777  +   1962d ago
maxxb117  +   1961d ago
Looks great, can't wait
Exquisik  +   1961d ago
Always down for a new Tower Defense Game (TDG?)!
rawrockkillz  +   1962d ago
doctorstrange  +   1961d ago
I love these N4G beta give aways
kwyjibo  +   1962d ago
zme-ul  +   1962d ago
I love tower defense games
I really hope this game is as good as they say it is.
Clauwen  +   1962d ago
Randomly pick me. I like defending towers with guns!
MetalFreakMike  +   1962d ago
I Would Love To Have One
Aphe  +   1962d ago
tdrules  +   1962d ago
W00t haven't played TD in ages, and like my name it does rule. Hope I win >_<
fady2hotty  +   1962d ago
Man i hope i get one
m1t6c  +   1962d ago
sounds like another great tower defence :D i'm looking forward to it.
Nikobaxton  +   1962d ago
Count me in!
TheIneffableBob  +   1962d ago
In for one.
314  +   1962d ago
Definitely looks interesting!
SuckaB  +   1962d ago
Thanks N4G!
I'd like to give this game a try if I get the chance to.

NNNW  +   1962d ago
hope i win a key
bobrea  +   1962d ago
EliasAndri  +   1962d ago
Well done!
Good job! Hope I win too ^^
DrPirate  +   1962d ago
God I hope I win this code.
mattmifflin  +   1962d ago
This game looks good :)~
Camalach  +   1962d ago
Yay a comment.
dcsk  +   1962d ago
hope to win! =)
OmegaII  +   1962d ago
Hope to win this great game.
I really hope for a win on this nice little gem.
Just saw a few trailers on gametrailers and it looks nice, the score they gave it ( 9+ ) isn't lying for it either.

Waiting for the result ! ^^
Zalset  +   1962d ago
Hope to win this :)
xsteinbachx  +   1962d ago
LKane  +   1962d ago
Oh oh oh me me me!
adamdz  +   1962d ago
In, thanks for the opportunity.
ceiltsei  +   1962d ago
Looks like a decent TD game. Somehow I gotta check this out.
radecswe  +   1962d ago
sign me up
Microsoft_Spokesman  +   1962d ago
Looks fun... I love these types of games.
Jager  +   1962d ago
Hot Damn
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