Playstation shortage may foil Sony game release

physorg: Punishing rivals is what Sony hopes to do with its hugely anticipated, big-budget video game that launches Tuesday.A supply shortage is making the powerful console, which also plays Blu-ray discs, DVDs and music and connects to the Internet, extremely hard to find at retailers, hindering the company's ability to capitalize on the excitement.

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legendkilla3114d ago

good find! ive had my ps3 since 11/17/06 so im ready lol

rbluetank3114d ago

good one.... i already paid for the game and will be picking this godwar 3 up at midnight,,, there are alot of PS3 where i live. Bestbuy/two gamestops are within a mile of each other and are stocked with PS3....

Persistantthug3114d ago

Fry's, Best Buy, and all of the Gamestops around the Bay Area have PS3's.

cayal3114d ago

So because your area has them it must mean the entire USA has them right?

Persistantthug3114d ago

Pretty much.


kurochi3114d ago

The day has arrived for us men to stay up all night drinking beer and eating hotwings while we play GOD OF WAR III.
It's out tonite!!!!!! I'M SO FREAKING STOKED!!!!! There is definitely CHOAS in my future!!!! !

Dellis3114d ago

SONY said it that to hide the fact they were going to be destroyed on

FEB NPDs, they don't have this issue in March at all