Atari Loss Hits $70m

Atari will file a larger-then-expected loss of $71 million for the last year, with revenues down 44% to $121 million.

The results have been delayed due to an 'impairment of goodwill' calculation for the troubled publisher, that came in at $54 million. The company says the charge is due to a 'significant erosion of its market capitalization'.

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MK_Red4180d ago

I think they deserve it. They had such a great game like Farenheit/Indigo-Prophecy and yet destroyed it with bad marketing. Hope TimeShift and other titles meets success because after all this is a good old publisher.

Bill Gates4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

Atari desperately needs a hit with Driver 3 to put them semi-back on the industry.

Driver 1-Awesome

@below...thanks for clarifying for me bro. I knew one of those sucked ass, and it was Driv3r. I bought it and then returned it.

the_gaming_guy4180d ago

Umm...Driv3r was release like 3 years ago...and tehn Driver: Parallel Lines last year I think.

And, I think Atari sold the Driver franchise anyway...

Crazyglues4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

So long and good night... the games sucked the company sucked and Atari will not be missed as far as I'm concerned they sucked.

Every time they made a game I found my self saying dam this could have been a hot game if only - but no, they always made them bad. So, so long Atari, don't let the door hit you on your way out.

Get into making cellphone games, that's going to be your only salvation. Good Luck, because your going to need it. Because your whole company sucks at making games.