G4TV: SOCOM 4 and PlayStation Move Hands-On

Seth Luisi, Game Director for Zipper Interactive, gives a preview of the PlayStation 3 game SOCOM 4 which uses the new PlayStation Move Motion Controller. Find out how the mechanics of the game work in this preview.

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edwineverready3198d ago

Looks intuitive! It might work happy you still have the option to use dualshock3. Hope all hardcore games that come out keep that option.

mugoldeneagle033198d ago

As a long time, die hard SOCOM fan, I'm still leaning towards my Dualshock for SOCOM 4. However, I'll give the Move a chance. I doubt Sony/Zipper would implement motion control in if they didn't think they could pull it off. Especially with a game as hardcore as SOCOM is.

ChozenWoan3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

PSMove players are really going to have an advantage against DS3 players. The speed and accuracy with which you can target someone is nearly as fast as you can pull the trigger. Players will get so used to the PSMove that they will be gunning down tangos as fast as they can spot them... I can't wait.

Not to mention that Socom is such a great game and with Zipper backing it, Socom4 is going to be silky smooth and likely more tactical than MAG. Wonder if they are going to keep the squad system developed for MAG, only limited to 32 players instead of 256?

jack_burt0n3198d ago

go watch the 5 minute long hd gametrailers walkthrough.

game looks AAA even in alpha.

Bot Smasha3198d ago

I can truly say i am gobsmacked.

Mr Tretton3198d ago

This is about the main hope I have for Move, is pinpoint accuracy in hardcore games. That would change everything. It's worth taking note.