BF:BC2 Q&A Clears Up Issues; Accounts Will Not Be Reset, American VIP stores now Working

Dice has recently published a Q&A on their main site that answers many of the questions people have been asking for the past week. Xbox 360 accounts will not be reset and PS3 VIP stores in America are now fully operational.

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bruddahmanmatt3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

As much as I'm loving BC2 I'm amazed that while EA and DICE have managed to FINALLY give PS3 players a Battlefield game with working mics (BC1 and 1943 were both FUBAR when it came to the mics) and have cleaned up the control scheme considerably, all sorts of technical issues continue to pop up left and right. Several of my friends have noticed MORE issues AFTER the patch was released. A few of them end up at an infinite loading screen and can't get into the game. Others have claimed that after getting kicked out of a game they need to reset their routers, and this has only happened with BC2. WTF?

trancefreak3144d ago

i didn't read the update release notes if there are any but I played smoothly since the patch.

I still don't understand the rank system with very high level ranked players trying to get more points off of the noobies. Wonder if its a squad invite where a lo rank player invites friends to play on their game. Makes for even easier points to rank even higher for these guys.

High ranking players in the upper 20s and 30 category should not be allowed to play on low ranked servers with newcomers learning the ropes. Its ridiculous IMO.

Im still having alot of fun with the flaws I try to ignore but i would really like my vip card to work.

trancefreak3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

vip card still dont work :(

Ya I really dont know what the deal is I dont see any info in the bbc2 forums. Maybe need to create a post there

dirthurts3144d ago

That's a bummer...
Sorry dude.

KeiserSosay47883144d ago

Everythings working great here on 360 version, still getting kicked to dashboard though....

electricshadow3144d ago

It would be great if I could play this game without the huge amount of lag.

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