IGN: PlayStation Move Editor Impressions

At its GDC 2010 press conference, Sony formally took the wraps off of its motion controller, henceforth officially titled the PlayStation Move. After doing the whole song and dance presentation, a number of titles were available for hands-on time afterward, and IGN had a pretty healthy crew present for some play time.

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gaffyh3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

It'll be interesting to see what their impressions are when they show the Natal games, because I really doubt they will be any less "casual." As the last guy said, the Move has potential, but it needs games, and Sony has proven that they can make great games.

For example, the main reason they showed SOCOM 4 was to show that not all the games will be jumping around party games. That is what I'm looking forward too, more games where the motion control actually makes the game more accessible. I've never liked SOCOM, but it looked pretty good with the motion control, I doubt I'll get it though, but it shows the potential.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Im still waiting the survival Horror game compatible with Move. Or I think is exclusive for Move.

Im not really interested with the other games like Tennis table.

Socom looks interesting, but still in development for the final product as for the Move controllers, the same.

Still Move have the potential for a lot of reasons for Casuals and Hardcore audience, also thanks to the PSEye too, is not just a simple camera.

THC CELL3116d ago

Move will sell if a game like zelda is on the table or a zombie game btw what is that game they are not showing us with the torch