Metro 2033: First 10 Minutes of Gameplay

Xbox Evolved:

"Metro 2033 hits stores tomorrow in North America. Anxious to get your hands on the game? Check out the first 10 minutes. "

***Video seems to still be processing on YouTube***

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ProA0073198d ago

Looking forward to playing this game. Mixed reviews so far

N4PS3G3198d ago

ohh i see what you did there! You said mixed reviews so far when the reviews out are not mixed at all..

Clever!! ;)

Blaze9293198d ago

Actually the reviews are mixed:

1. GameStar (German PC magazine) = 8.5/10
2. Xbox 360 Magazine (UK) = 8/10
3. GamesRadar = 9/10
4. Xbox World 360 (CVG) = 9/10
5. GameReactor = 7/10

N4PS3G3198d ago

They could end like total crap tomorrow but as of today..the 360 version reviews are not mixed at all and that the one i'm getting so i don't care for pc reviews

1. GameStar (German PC magazine) = 8.5/10
2. GamesRadar = 9/10
3. GameReactor = 7/10

1. GamesRadar = 9/10
2. Xbox World 360 (CVG) = 9/10
3. GameReactor = 8/10 *360 got an 8 in the second opinion review instead of 7 on the pc*
2. Xbox 360 Magazine (UK) = 8/10

8-9 are mixed ? wow thats a new one

Blaze9293198d ago

wow so we're differentiating PC and 360 reviews now? Yeah, because they TOTALLY are different games and play different -_-


At the end of the day its still the damn game. I don't know what you are trying to get at or if you're for some reason defending the 360 but you aren't making much sense.

Xi3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

A mixed score is like too human, haze, lair, or even heavy rain, where marks are fluctuating between 5.0-10's.

I can't think of a single goty title that got all perfect 9-10 marks, even LBP got a 7.5 from somewhere I think.

Rush3198d ago

I fail to see what doesn't make much sense about it blaze clearly PC games are held to a higher standard then 360 games.

There different platforms and although am sure the PC version is still superior like all PC/360 games there basically pointing out for an 360 game it's worth a good 8 at least.

DS games are reviewed to a different standard PS2 games are reviewed to a different standard Wii game's are reviewed to a different standard and PSP game's are reviewed to a different standard.

So why shouldn't a 360 game and a PC game receive different reviews?

AridSpider3198d ago

Blaze is right. What the hell is the difference. At the end of the day both versions are still the same game. If the story sucks, the story sucks for both games. If the game sucks in general, the game sucks for both games. If the shooting sucks, guess what, it probably sucks for both games. Those reviews were judging off THE GAME. There's no content differences between the versions so I don't see why we need to separate reviews of the 360 and PC version.


What kind of logic is that? Of course DS games are reviewed different from PS2 versions of the game. Did you even think before typing that? Unless the PC version has touch controls and the 360 has gestures with really awful graphics, then that's a irrelevant comparison in which then yes, you could separate the games.

ProA0073198d ago

wow are you all retarded? Blaze and Arid, thanks - you pretty much see what the hell I was talking about. Didn't know there we major differences in the PC and 360 version that we had to separate reviews. THATS a new one.

N4PS3G3198d ago

for difference how about Gamereactor saying the pc game was unpolished and the 360 version wasn't?

is that a good enough difference?

Or games like supreme commander or Risen that get entirely different score from 360 and pc?

If one got an 8 and the other one a 7 on gamereactor there MUST be something different..don't you think? ;)

Rush3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

It's basic logic for none morons, when reviewing a game you review it against the content already available on said platform.

Is Crysis on the 360? Is battlefield 2 on the 360? is Counter Strike Source on the 360? is Shattered Horizon on the 360? simple answer no...

So when you review Metro 33 on the PC it gets compared to games on that platform, Which results in a 7.

When you compare Metro 33 on the 360 to games on that platform it fairs slightly better since FPS's are of course weaker on the 360 which result in an 8.

Just because the content is the same doesn't mean there reviewed to the same standard. Do you think Final Fantasy 7 would of reviewed so highly on the PSX if Diablo 2 was on that platform?

I never said anything about the games being different you simply wasn't smart enough to understand my point the first time. Maybe next time instead of being a pathetic fanboy you will look past your own BS and understand my point.

Disagree all you want if your IQ is above 4 it's not very hard to see am right.

Army_of_Darkness3198d ago

This game looks pretty sick on whatever platform its on! noticed some horror elements in there too, very Groovy man... I hope it goes on the PS3 as well.

PoSTedUP3198d ago

i guess this game proves that you must own both consoles (or ps3 and a damn good pc)

this game looks awesome (and i know an awesome game when i see one)

@ arguement above- reviews still? cmon now....

Michael-Jackson3198d ago

Average Game. Mixed Reviews. Meh.

Chubear3198d ago

Animations and graphics aren't what I thought they'd be but animation is good enough and graphics look great. However, it's the story and atmosphere of the universe that really compels me.

FPS based only in America really are just a bore to me now. I have a way better entertainment feel for a FPS that's done outside of USA & Mexico. Heck, I'd take even Canada but games like this set in Russia or R:fom set in Yorkshire/London in Britain just gives a fresh vibe for exploration.

Futuristic FPSs set on earth or in America also chaffs my butt too. It's futuristic! you can let your imagination run rampant and create incredible worlds! Why just stick with Earth and America?

Many little nagging things that stood out in that first 10min vid that you feel they could have paid a bit more attention for better immersion but I like the feel of this game and I hope it's not going to be a let down once I get my hands on it.

I feel it's most likely going to be on the PS3 later adn if it does come, as long as they put in some solid content to compensate for timed exclusivity with the 360, then I'll put in and support the developers of this game for sure. If it's not announced for the PS3 this year, I'll just go rent it and play it on a friend's 360 for sure.

JokesOnYou3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Only downer for me is no multiplayer, thats just unheard of these days for an fps, still I really like the graphics and setting for this game, it looks like their just might be enough there to make this an interesting game for a shooter fan like myself, so I guess I'm going to
give this game a shot. I hope its worth my $60, if not I'll just get the cool achievements and then it will join the very short list of games I traded in this gen(Ninja Blade & Madden09), so I'm not too worried.


mal_tez923198d ago

I liked the interaction when climbing the ladder, it looks very immersive; but when he turned the wheel without touching it, the illusion was ruined completely.

The shooting looks well done so I'll probably get it.

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Crazybone1263198d ago

since the vid doesn't work and i've never heard of the gonna be a lil more clueless

ProA0073198d ago

he was probably trying to view it when it was processing

JasonPC360PS3Wii3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Seems like you have never heard of this game before So which is it? you "never heard of it" or "you never heard of it again" ???

Blaze9293198d ago

Ahhh cool. Just what I needed. Can't wait till the video is up because I need to know whether I want to buy this or not. Too bad there won't be a pre-release

JasonXE3198d ago

Wish there was a pre-release demo. Wanna know whats up with all the reviews saying the shooting sucks, and this game is a FPS but it gets a 9/10. Makes no sense. That's like saying GT5's racing sucks but you'll give a 10/10

AridSpider3198d ago

Is there a demo confirmed at all?

Blaze9293198d ago

Yeah I think they said they can't do one before the release of the game due to time restraints and resources. But can't remember if they said after for sure

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