Geforce GTX 480 aims for $450 price

It is quite natural that the most famous and yet delayed chip called Fermi won't be cheap, but it turns out that it won't be that expensive either.

People have expected single GPU Geforce GTX 480 to end up at close to $600 or £600 in Europe after tax but it turns out that the amount Nvidia wants for its new high end card should be closer to £450.

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Kakkoii3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Woot! Definitely going to get me one of these puppies then!

Massive GTX 480/470 collection thread here:

Has lots of benchmark comparisons and pictures.

And this is still with early drivers for Fermi. Can't wait to see how it improves in the coming months, just like ATI's drivers boosted performance around 15% a few months later for the 5xxx series. It takes time to refine the drivers and work out the kinks.

toaster3195d ago

"It takes time to refine the drivers and work out the kinks."

Exactly. I do have some money saved up for this but that's the only reason I won't get one day 1. Right now I don't have a lot of time to fiddle around with my PC as much as I would like. I'm going to wait until people resolve driver issues before I drop half a grand on a new component.

crck3195d ago

If true then that's not too bad at all. So the 470 maybe $350ish?

ProjectVulcan3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

It sounds reasonable but all that remains is to see how much faster it is going to be in real world games than a 5870, and what the damage is for power consumption. There has been a lot of scare mongering over its TDP, but its not looking so absurd when the card uses 6+8 pin. Almost certain to be well over 200w. Lets hope nvidia can be on the case quickly when TSMC sort 28nm hopefully on schedule because a quick shrink would be the order of the day for this monster. I hesitate to put a single GPU card in my machine that sucks up 250w+.

GR8 13195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

I'll rather stick around with my xbox360 elite console and it's GPU isn't nothing to be laughed at just take a look at Alan Wake and AAA games out this year they can easily stand Heads & Shoulders above anything Geforce GTX 480 and Poo Station 3 can throw at it.

Kakkoii3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Obvious troll, but I'll reply anyway.

Read it an weep:

There's nothing special about the 360's GPU. A PC user could buy the same powered GPU way back in 2006. It's pretty much the same GPU as the x1900.

Current generation GPU's are many, many times more powerful. And you must not examine the games very closely, because most textures on both consoles are very poor resolution due to the extremely small amount of RAM the consoles have to work with. They do a lot of tricks to mask these issues. And in terms of artistic quality, yes there are some amazing looking games. But in terms of realistic looking games, the consoles cannot compare to what a PC is capable of.

A lot of graphical processing is offloaded to the many CPU cores the 360 and PS3 have also.

Without PC users funding the advancement of GPU's, and pushing the realism of graphics, your consoles would have much crappier graphics.

RagTagBnd4453195d ago

He is a troll, don't even try to comment, just put him on ignore.

mrv3213195d ago

It's a real shame that God of War 3 looks better than Alan Wake.

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Ravenor3195d ago

Keep knocking the price of your original "high end" product down, and simply release a dual GPU for the 600+ segment. It makes upgrading the video card a much easier experience.

2900 pro to a 4870 was PAINLESS.

Ares84PS33195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

....and PC gamers say PC gaming is cheap. $450 for a new video card. (I know you can get good ones for much less but regardless this is way more than an Xbox 360 or a PS3)

EDIT: By the way British pound does not equal to US dollar.

It said 450 pounds not dollars. In US dollar that is = $706

1 British pound = 1.5097 U.S. dollars

Get it right next time :)

ProjectVulcan3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

As long as you realise that a single GTX480 will be at least 10 times faster than either PS3's or 360's GPU. (It has 3 BILLION transistors- ten times RSX. Even if you ignore how much faster the clocks will be on this and how much further design and efficiency has come, then you can imagine the relative speed) This card is the cutting edge, should be the top dog for single GPU design. Thats not going to be cheap. If you want still want more performance than the consoles on a budget then obviously you dont need to and wont spend 450 pounds. 45 quids worth of 4670 is gonna be twice as fast as the consoles.

British pound conversion to dollars doesnt really reveal a realistic price for NA. If you recognise uk tax and duty market conditions etc means that the card will probably be about 600 dollars realistically if it costs 450 pounds. Cheapest 5870 in the uk is about 300 pounds, on newegg one is 380 dollars. If you directly converted the uk price it would be 450 dollars....

Its not very useful pointing out how costly the latest cutting edge Pc components are @ captain obvious above. Everyone knows that Pc gaming can be as cheap or as insanely expensive as you want it to be. High end parts only take a fraction of the market, midrange and even low end parts are considerably faster now than a console and they sell in droves.

RagTagBnd4453195d ago

You do know that this card is most possible 3-4 times more powerful than the PS3's and 360's?
Pc gaming can be both cheap and expensive, depending on what you want, that is what makes it so good.

DelusionalMsBot3195d ago

You can buy an ATI 5670 for £60 that can run games better than consoles. You dont need an expensive card to run all PC games.

Ares84PS33195d ago do know this and do know that.

Yes smarty pants I know that you can get video cards for less...that is why I said that in my post. I also know that PC can easily outperform a PS3 or a 360.

That isn't my point to say that the PS3 and 360 is waaay better.

My point is and always was that if you want to get the latest for your PC all the time, (which most hardcore PC gamers do) than it is expensive. This article proves my point.

nycredude3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

It could have 50 gazillion transistors and be 10 billion times the power of consoles and can shoot down the moon in one laser beam and hack all the computers in the world at the same time on a dial up connection from a pay phone, cure cancer and get rid of crime and abolish fanboyism, racism, suicide and it still won't play any of the Ps3 exclusives so whatever, and Alan Wake.

On topic $600 is ridiculous for just a video card.

ProjectVulcan3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Aaaand PS3 will be playing 360 games shared with PC, or Pc exclusives? Or 360 will be playing PS3 exclusives? No. Of course not. Take the platform you like and play the games you like on it. Dont talk nonsense like it costs how much and still cant play game X because you can use that crap any which way you fancy for any platform. You spent 600 dollars on a 360 and a PS3 and you STILL cant play CNC4 or starcraft 2??? Stupid comments like that...

If people spend their money on a Pc to play games on a Pc then why should they give a rats about PS3 exclusives unless they intend to own a PS3? Same goes for any platform. You dont buy a 360 to play PsP games. So stop talking like people are spending money on Pc pointlessly when clearly they are just doing what they want for the games on the platform they sounds silly otherwise

BlackKnight3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Well your very first statement is false and that's what most are trying to explain to you here:

....and PC gamers say PC gaming is cheap. $450 for a new video card. (I know you can get good ones for much less but regardless this is way more than an Xbox 360 or a PS3)"

Your first sentence is said giving a "point" that PC gamers say PC gaming is cheap while you point at a $450 video card (which happens to be more like 15-20x faster than console GPUs, not to mention the new shader models and other new support features). This is faulty because what you are actually claiming is that this is the only card you can buy. You can try and cover up what you said but its the same, old, false argument.

PC gaming can be cheap and reap better graphics than consoles, duh. But you also have the OPTION to go all out and buy a video card that does 4.5x the resolution ([email protected] vs [email protected] or maybe just 2-3x the resolution with 60FPS instead of 30FPS) at a $450 price point.

Fishy Fingers3195d ago

Seems you can't even enjoy PC gaming in PC threads at N4G.

y0haN3194d ago

Ares keep out of the PC section and the Internet in general.

- The Management.

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Kurylo3d3195d ago

wait a second €450 in dollars is like 613 dollars in us currency isnt... so why are people saying €450 means $450.

Ares84PS33195d ago

Not Euros. You can't tell the difference between the euro and the pound sings??? :D

ProjectVulcan3195d ago

When you buy a 450 euro product from the eurozone in the uk it will usually end up costing a similar figure of 450 in GBP, which yes of course means it somewhat more expensive to buy in the uk. Nothing new there.

If it ends up 450 euros and around 450 pounds in the uk then it'll probably be about 600 dollars U.S. That will also mean as per usual, its cheapest in north america, then eurozone and most expensive in the u.k.

Kakkoii3194d ago

GPU's are typically priced the same amount regardless of exchange rate. The same goes for video games. It's a sad reality.

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