FFXIII's In-Game OST Is Being Streamed Online

The soundstrack to Final Fantasy XIII is beautiful, and it fits the game well. Often times video games have a nice soundtrack that's worth listening to outside of the game too, and with FFXIII that's just the case. Stream the music from FFXII from your browser all you like for free!

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coolfool3171d ago

this is only for the Americas region.

Reibooi3171d ago

It is indeed a incredible soundtrack. Probably my 3rd Favorite.


C L O U D3171d ago

Oh i already have the OST.
Its worth to torren- i mean buy!

ThanatosDMC3171d ago

I had it before FF13 released in NA... via MU.

thewhoopimen3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

I dont' know, some of music is atrocious. But on the other hand, I do like one or two somber melodies. I guess I miss listening to more original works by Nobuo Uematsu though. His scores are pretty original and more importantly have a lot of depth. Most of the music in ffxiii i've heard are either generic atmospheric or don't seem to develop the composition very far. More like variations of a simplistic tune.