Perfect Dark (Xbox Live Arcade) Avatar Awards Revealed

Perfect Dark on the XBOX Live Arcade is one of those games that supports Avatar Awards. Aside from buying Avatar clothing and apparels for your personalized Avatar, unlocking them from the game is another way of getting them for free! There are two Avatar clothing that can be unlocked in the game and I must say that they're easy to achieve!

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-MD-3195d ago

It just lists the name of it not what it looks like =(

I'm loving these avatar awards though, they should be mandatory for arcade games, providing one or two awards for buying your game would be nice.

Solidus187-SCMilk3195d ago

I wont buy anything for my avatar but I like the idea of getting free items for it.

I think it would be really cool for devs to offer some really sweet avatar items if they make some of them hard to earn so they are unique and not everyone can get them.

RockmanII73194d ago

Top one is a avatar prop (Secret)
Bottom one is a shirt (Perfect Aim)