Uncharted 2 Steals The G.A.N.G. Awards Show with 6 Wins.

At the G.A.N/G awards show, Uncharted 2 had won 6 awards from 9 nominations. Other winners include Infamous, Rock band and Call of Duty: MW2.

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nogolis3144d ago

During GDC I talked to several "real" journalist... I'm not a real one. Just a blogger, by the way. But the conciseness among all them was that they've all set Uncharted 3 up to fail. They said, well the vast majority of the people we spoke with, there is no way Uncharted 3 can live up to the expectations the industry is putting on Naughty dog.

And that's sad... But from what we know U3 is defiantly going to be more diverse than the previous two. The Cruise Liner concept is crazy.

young juice3144d ago

were any of the journalist you talked to paraplegic?

they might have been riding microsoft too long.


We don't have any detail from U3, and people already said it will fail?

I see the good Journalism there.

electricshadow3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

"A game we know basically NOTHING about will automatically fail because it can't live up to the second one." Yup, makes PERFECT sense to me.


ThanatosDMC3143d ago

Well, it's Naughty Dog so im not worried about U3...

badz1493143d ago

when will it ever stop? totally unbelievable! I don't think we'll see any game that can top what Uncharted 2 has done in terms of winning awards! ND is the best!!

nycredude3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Hey get your facts straight! UC2 is not winning awards now it is stealing the show, which implies that it is taking what is not rightfully theirs!

Damn I guess I should cancel my preorder then since UC3 will fail... wait! What, the game hasn't been announced yet! Gaming journalist FTL.

Elimin83143d ago

And the awards just keep on comin'

sikbeta3143d ago

UC2 is simply Epic, sales and awards are the testimony of How Amazing The Game is, Sure Naughty Dog Know How High They Raised The Bar and by that I'm sure UC3 will Bigger than UC2 in every way...

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NSG3144d ago

Lol steals the show, that's exactly what came to mind when I saw how many awards they got. I still need to pick this title up! Apparently need to check the soundtrack too, I love good videogame music lol I've got a few soundtracks in my cd case

alphakennybody3144d ago

InFamous, hands down best soundtracks. The way they made some of the Background music is totally insane.


More than 120 Awards for U2.

What other game have a lot of Awards like U2?

Tony-A3143d ago

Actually, it's been more than 150!

devsgreat3144d ago

lol anything left to win?? this game should win best fps game lol

Panthers3144d ago

And according to Square, it could win best WRPG

Ps_alm3k3144d ago

Among thieves for no reason.

N4BmpS3143d ago

I must say that was quite witty.

halojunkie3144d ago

they dont call it among theifs for no reason bubble 4 u!, damn uncharted 2 is amazing

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