The Xbox 360 is more expensive than the PS3

Not too long ago you had to shell out $700-$800 for a PS3. 4 years later, the PS3 is now on par with the other consoles in terms of price, at $299 for the base model.

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Quagland3195d ago

Oh FFS....please don't approve this.

jidery3195d ago

I regret to inform you that it is in fact true.

Quagland3195d ago

It would be true if the sentence was extended to "when accessories are added".

jidery3195d ago

Actually Accessories or not the 360 is still more expensive. let me to the math for you.

$299 Xbox = $299 PS3

+$50 for live.

Xbox 360 = $349
PS3 = $299

Quagland3195d ago

You're putting the more expensve 360 model against the cheaper PS3 model. Using entry prices, $199 is less than $299.

jidery3195d ago

Why get the $199 when you would have to pay $130 for the hard drive alone?

Quagland3195d ago

60GB or 120GB? Anyway I think everyone knows the PS3 is better value for money; you don't need to convince me of that, I have firsthand experience of both machines. The article raises good points, it just has a misleading headline- $199 is less than $299.

Plus here in the UK an Elite costs £200 while a PS3 costs £250.

Cold 20003195d ago

Wow and it stiil manages to outsell the cheaper PS3 in some areas. Thats not bad at all.

Mike134nl3195d ago

But most likely don't have much reason to do so at the moment.


In America only.

World Wide, not even close.

Elimin83195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Has always been cheaper. PS3=All in one Vs 360=Add on/Accessories.

fox023195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Congratz Microsoft, despite the RROD fisaco, your console being the most expensive in the market, Sony's 10 year head start at #1... despite all that, the X360 still outsells the PS3 in the UK and the in US.

siyrobbo3195d ago

this is bullshit anyway, my 360 has a 150W power supply so how can it use 184W?

Also the elite already comes with a headset

plus this article is conditional, it says that the 360 is more expensive IN CERTAIN CONDITIONS (which is very much true)
not everyone wants to play on LIVE, which would make the 360 a cheaper experiance for them

It all depends what you want out of your console

if you want to play online with friends, the PS3 works out cheaper in the long run

if you dont care about playing online at all, then the 360 works out cheaper

-Alpha3195d ago

Articles like this always get approved. Despite the fact that it states the obvious and tries to make an argument that has been done to death. We will always see articles comparing PSN to LIVE, cost of consoles, graphics king, etc.

Anyways, I want to get a 360 either tomorrow or the day after; is this a good deal:

$120 for the Arcade console
+ $80 for a 60 GB Hard drive (30% off regular price)

The hard drive add on includes 3 months of XBL Gold and a headset.

I don't know if I should take the deal, but I don't want to lose out on it either.

fear883195d ago

With the PS3 you can put Movies, Music, and Photos on the internal hard drive and can view them from external media like Flash Media and CDs/DVDs/BD-ROMS.

With the 360 You need a USB drive or CD/DVD to enjoy Movies Music and Photos that are not purchased through Xbox Live. Its impossible to transfer ANY media from a USB drive to the 360 Hard drive. Its even impossible to put your custom soundtracks into the hard drive unless you have an Audio CD, CD-R, or CD-RW to rip music from.

ryhanon3195d ago

I own both the PS3 and 360 (was late to the PS3 party though, didn't pick it up until a few months before the slim was released - got the MGS4 & KZ2 bundle).

Is the PS3 a better value for the money? Yes, unequivocally. The simple fact is that you get *more for your money*. That having been said however, is the PS3 *CHEAPER* than the 360? That depends entirely on what kind of gamer you are - fact is, the cost of entry on the 360 is cheaper.

The thing that people keep forgetting is that a *lot* of people buy a console *just for the console* - they don't care about online gaming (meaning they also don't much care about wifi or the headset). MS sells the arcade SKU for a reason, because (you should sit down for this, it may be a shock to many of you) *PEOPLE BUY IT*.

I work in an office environment with a lot of folks that have young kids. Most of them have the Wii and/or 360 because of two reasons: 1) they're both cheaper and 2) the perception is that they're both more "kid friendly" than the PS3.

People on gaming websites so often forget this as by and large we are definitely not that type of audience.

morganfell3195d ago

Actually the 360 was more expensive on launch. All one need do is add the base price of the consoles, WiFi, HD player, and 4 years of Live. More so since the 360 launched at $399, just add 4 years of Live and they were even.

fear883195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

All people agree that it has the lowest entry level cost BUT it has almost no value to an entry level gamer. The only functions it is able to provide is:

1. Play DVDs
2. Play (but not save) games.


Would MOST gamers buy a ps2 WITHOUT A MEMORY CARD? NO.

This falls inline with the notion that, if your 360 breaks out of warranty, IT IS A BETTER VALUE THAN TO BUY ANOTHER ELITE.

Even the 120GB Elite is a better value for entry level gamers.

Going by that it is still correct that the PS3 is less expensive because of the upfront value it provides.

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Sonyslave33195d ago

Damn ps3fanboys make up yall mind yall keeping saying the xbox 360 cost less then ps3 that why selling more then ps3 then this .

The Xbox 360 is more expensive than the PS3

jidery3195d ago

The Xbox sells more because FPS's sell more.

Sony Always Wins3195d ago

bots dont even have blu-ray so no matter what price it is the PS3 will always be better

R_19933195d ago

This article speaks truth, but I'm sure the majority of people on N4G already knew this.

BannedForNineYears3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

The 360 has been more expensive even when the PS3 was 599. -_-

jack_burt0n3195d ago

It is true, but wont end well.

It is amazing that people still dont know that you can use pretty much any bluetooth headset and usb devices like mice, keyboards wired headsets, sega saturn controllers, old arcade sticks, divx support for pirated external hard drive movies. You can even watch ripped HDDVD movies burnt to dual layer dvd lol.

JOLLY13195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

No, but you can burn them to your pc or your Zune or your ipod or any sort of player and watch it. Just like you can with any blu-ray...

siyrobbo3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

360 does that as well, it supports the XVID codec

It also does AVC - High definition Mp4 files and HD WMV files from both discs and external USB drives, tho it has no subtitles support

It also supports AVCHD streaming through the media extender

GR8 13195d ago

Obviously xbox360 is more expensive than ps3. Who would in there right mind buy something cheap.

Take for instance u goto the car showroom and u see they have a Ferrari and a Mini Obviously u would buy a Ferrari (xbox360) because it's more expensive rather than a Mini (ps3) u see that's why ps3 is 3RD place because no one wanna buy a cheap console.

Nitrowolf23195d ago

lol epic fail right there people
so a year ago the PS3 needed a price cut because it was to "Expensive" cost more then the 360, oh so i guess that means no one wanted to buy a 360 back then right? what about the wii? cheapest console sold more then the 360 and ps3

Marty83703195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Tool, Crapbox is not an Ferrari. It's more like a sinclair C5.

Jump Out, Play B3yond


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