God of War 3 causes REAL ApocalyPS3

ResumePlay: Tomorrow, the world will change as we know it. Millions of gamers will buy God of War 3, in hopes of getting the ultimate action experience. And they will get it: just not the way they expected.

There is growing evidence that suggests Sony's system-seller is triggering the REAL ApocalyPS3. At first, the rumors of cannibalism and excessive moaning were dismissed as minor outbreaks of swine flu. But there is no hiding it now, the situation is critical.

Hit the jump for the full scoop on how the year's biggest action game may be its last. It's ResumePlay's newest Bull$hit Article of the Week!

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mau642871d ago

This is a funny article... Can't wait to see what happens

thorstein2871d ago

the Bullshit article of the week. Not even the title on this article is right. This should not be approved.

SKGamer2871d ago

Bull$hit Article of the Week is the name of the column. The name of the specific article is what is shown above.

So no, its not wrong. I know because its my column, my article, and I posted it here.

Dukeoffl2871d ago

if anything's going to cause the apocalyPS3, it's GOD3

Ziriux2871d ago

Aint that the truth, I love how epic GoW III was made, it's simply stunning, the big god fights are amazing and ripping off Helios head was the most amazing thing I can remember in a long time.

Fishy Fingers2871d ago

Haha, that's one bizarre ass article, but funny none the less.

SKGamer2871d ago

Thanks man, that's what I was going for.

If you liked this one, check out my 1st BS article on ResumePlay, its called Fanboys Wanted. I pretty much mock/satirize all the ridiculous things gaming fanboys know and argue about (like how many disks FFXII has).

RememberThe3572871d ago

Dropping disagrees for no reason.

Anyway, that fist article was pretty damn funny. I like these, keep them coming.

SKGamer2871d ago

Yeah I don't really get that. It's not like I said anything controversial, I don't know what they're disagreeing with. The fact that I poke fun at fanboys? Everyone's a little bit fanboy.

I've already started working on next weeks. It's going to be huge, I break the news on Miyamoto's new project. Suffice it to say, he might not be redeeming himself after Wii Music.

Ziriux2871d ago

Nothing wrong with that, just like any console owner, we all get a bit mad when our systems give us problems.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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