Edge's Full List of 100 Best Games Of All Time

Yesterday, Ocarina Of Time was awarded the best game of all time from Edge and the top 10 were announced. Here is the full list of 100 best games of all time.

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MK_Red4184d ago

I have some problems with the list. Classics like Psychonauts, original GOW and DMC, Theif: Dark Project, Ninja Gaiden Black, System Shock 2, Quake 3, StarCraft, Deus Ex and many others all have a rather low places on the list while htey should be much higher IMO? And no Mortal Kombat 2? Now Im insulted.

the_round_peg4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Grim Fandango

Ultima Underworld or any Ultima games (not a single Ultima game makes the list!)

Wing Commander or at least one Origin game (not a single Origin game is on the list -- and those guys practically INVENTED the gaming industry, video RPGs, space sims, and the MMO industry! C'mon, Origin invented tile-based engine, quest-based role-playing, interactive 3D game world with Underworld, dialog trees, and so many other things.)

Fallout, Planescape, (not a single Black Isle game makes the list - yikes!)

Baldur's Gate 2 deserves a place more than Morrowind or Oblivion (i.e., not a single PC RPG makes the list - amazing!)

Dune 2 (invented the RTS genre.)

The list is biased towards CONSOLE games.

MK_Red4184d ago

Wow, I cant believe I missed to mention my all time favorite game Fallout. Thanks for reminding me.
And so many other games that I missed like Grim Fandango and Planscape: Torment... I cant believe they made such a bad list.
Bubbles for you my friend for reminding me of Fallout... I still cant believe I forgot.

PS360PCROCKS4184d ago

Are you all insane? GOW, DMC, System Shock 2 and ninja gaiden black are all on that list.

funkysolo4184d ago

GOD OF War 95, come on man are you kidding me. I guess it depends on people taste he seem to like alot nintendo games which I probably wouldn't have none of those on their besides zelda. To me God of War would of been number 1, RE4, Ico, zelda snes, I wouldn't have any puzzle games who are they kidding tetris number 7.

Dudeson424184d ago

Considering how extremely hard it would be to make a list that spans every console/pc title down to 100 "best" I think they did a respectable job. The original Resident Evil falling 20+ spots BEHIND Manhunt is really the only injustice I'm seeing. Maybe the 14 year-olds are having too much influence these days because RE was really the first game to ever really freak me out and attach me to the character while playing it.

Retro-Virus4184d ago

Yup, HALO in the TOP-10 ?? LOL

No Metal Gear Solid-1 ?? C'mon !!

VirusE4184d ago

Halo 1 was a defining moment for console shooters and I agree that it should be in the top 10. It is in the top 10 for the same reason Mario 64 is in the top ten; it and it alone sold the system it was for. It’s like titanic the movie; you may not like but it’s the top grossing movie of all time by a huge margin because obviously tons of people do like it. The first time I played through halo I refused to stop and pee or even smoke.

That being said I also think that MGS 1 should also be in the top 10. It was better than part 2 and the story was amazing from start to finish.

What is burnout 2, pgr2 (rather than 3???) and WOW doing in there. Metroid prime is per game rankings is one of the highest rated games of all time and it isn’t in the top 10?!?!? Mario world rather than mario allstars (streetfighter anniversary was on the list)? No MK 2? This list is madness! Outrun 06? Virtual tenis 3? What about strider and contra. Crackdown but no gears!?!?!?!? Doom created the fps genre and its under theif??? Football manager??!?!?

MMO games shouldn’t even be mentioned, its a giant chat server with a semi interesting front end. If you took the chat element out it would be a hollow, shallow and VERY boring rpg game. People don’t play it for the game play they play it for the social interaction. As a game it has little merit when compared to some of the extremely polished heavy hitters on the list.

In my opinion as a hardcore gamer this list is pure crap.


and I could not have said it better myself !!!

Leon Kennedy4183d ago

Halo did sell the Xbox. PS2 would have absolutely crushed it otherwise. Why didn't Bungie go with Sony? Maybe cause they needed 4 controller ports instead of 2.

DirtyRat4184d ago

There is no disputing that every one of the 100 games is good in it's own way, but I certainly would have arranged the order differently...I guess everyone has their own favourites though

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