2007 Xbox360 Shopping Guide

Microsoft intends to keep the Xbox 360 stocked with a number of new games, both from its own camp and third parties.GamesDaily are not just talking downloads on Xbox Live Arcade, but the full-blown efforts that will make gamers happy they own a system. These upcoming games cover the spectrum of what Microsoft has in mind, from role-playing to first-person shooters to unique new experiences.

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TriggerHappy4184d ago

At the moment, the xbox360 line up is very good. Am looking forward to getting bioshock

Odion4184d ago

They're also missing a couple of games, Too Human and Lost Odyessey, Eternal Sonata, and possibly Fable 2

tplarkin74184d ago

Eternal Sonata is coming Sept for sure. Lost Odyssey is promised for Japan and US this year. Too Human is also supposed to be this year, but it has no official date. Fable 2 is more likely next year.

MK_Red4184d ago

Im going bankrupt. I have to get so many games for 2007 and some of the special/collector's editions.

PS360WII4184d ago

Decent list there I'll be buying a couple of those

Daxx4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

I got a raise at my job so more games for me. ^_^

Can't wait to get my hands on BioShock. I wonder if I should change my preordered copy over to a collectors edition because that Big Daddy action figure would make a nice addition to my shelf, lol.

THX71684184d ago

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The story is too old to be commented.