MS: Blu-Ray absence key to 360 outselling PS3

CVG: Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has claimed that Xbox 360 has "nearly twice" PS3's installed base - partly because its lack of a Blu-Ray drive allows it to be sold at a more attractive price point.

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eagle213171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Aaron you will burn in hell if that's what you said. :)

Please tell me that's just a typo meaning in America. And the only reason for America is the year head start.

RememberThe3573171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Aron just proved that he's either a moron or thinks that the US equals the entire world, which would make him even more of a moron.

Edit: TOO PAWNED: that may very well be the case, which would make whoever wrote this an even BIGGER moron.

Does anyone have issue 213 of EDGE so that they can verify this?

3171d ago
TOO PAWNED3171d ago

umm i dislike Greenberg a lot but i bet this is mistake from ignorant american journalist. THis is american site, so when Greenbrggg said "almost twice", this journalist added "worldwide" which is bogus.
I am sending this to Jeff Rubenstein on his twitter, rest of you should do the same. Sony needs to step in and say something about BS that comes from MS

Darkeyes3171d ago

Lets see what would I want at the start of this gen....

1)A Blu-Ray less gimped PS3 that would limit my gaming experience, but would have sold an @ss load more due to it's cheaper price.


2)A PS3 with Blu-Ray so I can enjoy the best games like GOW3/MGS4/UC2/KZ2 which utilize more than 30GB of space and are IMPOSSIBLE on the 'OTHER' console....

I guess I will have to go with the latter. Sorry guys, but I ain't a sales executive person nor have I invested in Sony's stocks to care crap about sales... Besides, won't the PS3 ever reach 199$ lol? Imagine if it outsells the 360 even with a 100$ gap (A price at which PS2 started!!!), then PS3 at 199$ would sell a bucket load more than the competition... Either ways, back to gaming.

LordMarius3171d ago

Sometimes I hate Sony for letting this douche spit false information and not correcting him


Megaton3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

We're lucky that Greenberg only uses his talent for propaganda and misinformation to shill for Microsoft. That kind of ability in the hands of a more devious overlord could be dangerous.

On a more personal note; CHANGE YOUR FIRST NAME! You're an embarrassment to the rest of us Aarons.

NOOBKILLA3171d ago

"For us, our bet was on digital distribution, that was the future - the ability to [play] 1080p movies with no disc, no download required; we have the largest movie and TV library, the largest HD library of any console."

If Aaron thinks that streamed compressed 1080p video looks as good as uncompressed audio and 1080p video on a blu-ray disc he is smoking some really good sh*t!!

UnwanteDreamz3171d ago

MS- Cheaper price key to outselling the PS3 in NA.

There title fixed...

BulletToothtony3171d ago

haha.. poor guy.. reminds me insecure people and how they lie when they feel cornered and don't know how to deal with the truth..

SixTwoTwo3171d ago

I thought PR was supposed to make your company look good.

bnaked3171d ago

lol, he's a great comedian..

Anorexorcist3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

I mean SERIOUSLY! He constantly proves that he is not living in the same world the rest of us are in! He consistantly shows how deep-rooted one's delusionism can be.

Or is he just strung out, can't think straight, and meant to say North America?

Genesis53171d ago

Told you. You just got to ignore him. He has absolutely nothing of any value to say.

Government Cheese3171d ago

Nearly twice... well with that statement I can think of 3 options

1)It was taken out of context
2)He failed math class
3)He is a liar

Anon19743171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

I mean, since the PS3 was available worldwide, the 360's been outsold by it, and calendar year 2009 saw 360 sales fall year over year while the PS3's taken off.

So when's the 360 supposed to start outselling the PS3 again?

Edit: And that's not even touching the "twice the installed user base" lie. Seriously. Has Greenberg gone mad? As head of a division of a publicly traded company you can't just make up statements like this. Someone needs to slap this guy back to reality before he gets nailed for attempting to mislead shareholders.

Greywulf3171d ago

HDMI & HD-DVD both say Hi..

Well HD-DVD says nothing because its a dead format, why did they bet on it?

Saigon3171d ago

is that no one talks about how cheap the MS hardware is and the fact that they sell it at the price that is listed...whats so expensive about the hardware...think about it...most of the tech within the system is old...except the GFX card...everything else is based technology that has already been out...from the CPU, HDD, Controllers, Rom drive, etc...and what did Sony do...they did something they've done each generation they have been in the business, they released new technology...we've come from CD-Rom, DVD, and now Blu-ray...this is moving forward...what MS did is not moving forward...

So for him to say that is epic fail...I am SMDH feverishly...

Eamon3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

"MS: Blu-Ray absence key to 360 outselling PS3"

Only if you're referring the absence to the price being low.

It's quite obvious that there would be an increase in sales if MS releases a new SKU included with a blu-ray drive.

He needs to understand that the Blu-Ray drive is one the of the key selling points of a PS3.

Why MS do not want to support Blu-Ray is impossible to comprehend.

Christopher3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

1. I find it hard someone could have made such a comment... I mean, I hope it was completely taken out of context or something, because the alternative is just ultimate face palming material that would likely cause many deaths across the world.

2. The funny thing is if you calculate in the money Sony makes from Blu-ray sales in the equation rather than just their consoles, you'd see how profitable this decision was.

Edit: Can't help it, but Sony should respond saying that MS is false, Sony has "nearly quadruple" Xbox 360 install base... based on Japan numbers!

weazel3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Rargh! This bloke has completely fuc*ed up my attempts at being diplomatic today! Bullsh*t was it a mistake! He's made almost exactly the same 'mistake' several times before. This is fud, pure and simple, and listening to people rationalise, or try to justify his statements as a simple error, completely misses the point! This is a calculated swipe to draw casual attention away from the ps3 pre-GOW, and is lifted from the PR manipulation 101 book. (Sub-titled: How to be a peerless Cu*t.)

jjacinto233171d ago

"being $100 cheaper [than PS3]"
"For us, our bet was on digital distribution, that was the future - the ability to [play] 1080p movies with no disc, no download required; we have the largest movie and TV library, the largest HD library of any console."
There's something wrong with that statement: The arcade doesn't have enough memory to download games, movies and one word Greenberg is full of lies

jjacinto233171d ago

he told this on Edge magazine(the biased magazine)

Saigon3171d ago

MS is mad because the Blu-Ray Group decided to use Suns Systems Java based encryption on Blu-ray, rather than what MS offered...The Blu-Ray group made the right decision because Blu-Ray is one of the hardest mediums to rip and we see how HD-DVD faired with ripped media...that was one of the reason for the rift in Blu-Ray and HD-DVD and why there were sides...

TheTwelve3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

See...this is an example of the sheer stupidity of the competition. This shows you just how bad it gets when you're smoking your own pot, and looking through green-tinted sunglasses.

I mean, seriously...look at this.

In Greenberg's Bizarro world, Blu-Ray is actually a BAD thing. I mean, REALLY. They are trying to say old-technology is BETTER...actually trying to justify slowing down the progress of innovation.


And twice the install base? Xbox has sold 70million worldwide already? Really?

Not every opinion is right. Some people are just flat-out WRONG.


gaffyh3171d ago

Is it just me or does anyone else think that it is idiotic that Microsoft keep mentioning that the Xbox 360 doesn't have/doesn't need Blu-Ray?

Every time they do so, they are giving consumers a reason to pick up a PS3 instead of an Xbox 360. Blu-ray is becoming more and more mainstream and Avatar will further push up the adoption rate, with MS continually spouting this PR crap, eventually consumers will go, "Well I might as well get a PS3 then, at least I can watch Avatar (or whatever else) in Blu-ray as well".

swiftshot933171d ago

Twice the install base? Oh. I didnt know the 360 has surpassed 70 million units, and is ahead of the Wii. Interesting.

LordMarius3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Also, I hate journalism, seriously these people need to grow some balls as well, were do they get their degree from? Ever heard of follow up question, correcting the person when they are lying...smh

Edit: Oh wait its EDGE, still everyone still acts the same

InfectedDK3171d ago

Not in the long run Aaron Greenturd..

People will shift to PS3 as it was a "new next-gen".

The PS3 was simply too much ahead for most people to adopt it at first..

The PS3 is spreading all over the world and closing the gap between 360 and PS3 while Blu-ray moves like 2012 and Avatar and games like GoWIII and Gran Turismo 5 will be hot sellers..

The 360 is doomed and they know it.

D4RkNIKON3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

When does Aaron Greenberg ever speak that we don't get a good laugh. It reminds me of a southpark quote.

Kyle: "Cartman, that's the dumbest thing you've ever said... this week."

OmegaSlayer3171d ago

What will Greenberg do if PS3 would ever top 360?
Will he stuff his pants with TNT and blow himself into Sony HQ?

Staude3171d ago

He has to mean america only.

He added: "For us, our bet was on digital distribution, that was the future - the ability to [play] 1080p movies with no disc."

It's kinda funny he should say that, concidering microsoft claimed that 1080p wasn't necessary when the playstation 3 first launched.

HolyOrangeCows3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

"The fact that we're able to offer a console starting at $199 is a benefit of not being burdened with that cost."

$200 until you realize you can't do much with a half GB memory card and go out and buy a $100 small HDD. Yes, congrats, Microsoft, you have fooled thousands with your initial price tag that quickly increases by $150 when you buy the HDD and online.

Prototype3171d ago

The one thing I'll give Microsoft credit for, they know how to lie to stupid people.

GrandTheftZamboni3171d ago

Maybe he's trying to convince shareholders thinking they don't visit the bastion of truth that is N4G.

ginganinja3171d ago

The only place it says 'worldwide' is in the blurb on this site.
It's not mentioned at CVG or in the EDGE mag which contains the full interview.
Though, if Greenberg knew he was talking to a UK mag, why use US stats?

Eddie201013171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Great way to spin BS.

1: They have no where near sold twice as many consoles as the PS3, and even though they are close in the US they haven't sold twice as many and even at that is because of the year head start. Europe is neck and neck and that is only because of the UK.

2: The reason the Xbox arcade is cheaper is because it does not have a hard drive and comes with a wired gamepad (add arcade price of $199.99 and the Price of the hard drive $89.99) not because it doesn't have a Blu-Ray drive. The $ 299.99 skews for both consoles have 120gig hard drives but for the same $299.99 price point the PS3 comes with Wi-Fi built in and a Blu-Ray drive too.

3: PS3 has more Movie and TV content than Xbox live and nearly the same amount of HD content. At least in the US.

Arron Keeps proving what a douche he really is.

Hakimy3171d ago

MS should really do something to this guy.i can even imagine the scene...
MS: ok AG thats enough.
AG: wait I want to add that the absence of built in wifi is also a key for 360 outsilling ps3!
MS: err we don't think it's a good idea at the really need to go now.
AG: wait I also want to say that having a game on a multiple discs is better than one disk!!
MS: ok guards seriuosly take him to his office!
AG: MS rules! you all are going down! I'm talking to sony,nintendo,sega,capcom,ea,e tc... you all are going down and MS rules,baby!

nycredude3171d ago

Only MS can spin using a last, last gen storage system that is smaller than last gen into a fake positive (he is talking about NA only)! Wow just wow and look at all the xbox fans agreeing! LOL!

MNicholas3171d ago

So how do articles like this get approved?

Oner3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

And yet certain people STILL believe and don't question when MS releases their shipp...oops I mean "sold" numbers as "accurate" when you have PR BS like this! Seems like M$ can't keep up with their BS anymore and are stumbling over their tongues as of late! MS is a joke of a company in the business/public arena. Always has. Always will.

legendkilla3171d ago

this guy must be paid in glue....

Buttons3171d ago

Blu Ray absence is also the key to Microsoft holding games as a medium back. Just sayin'.

sikbeta3171d ago

Well, that explain the lame strategy M$ made with x360, in order to have more sales, they launched the console with No Competition if you take in mind that it was the First Console from the 7th Generation and FOR 1 Entire Year, 1½ years in Europe if you campare it with the PS3

Now the PS3 has The Tech needed to complete its Life Cycle and Expand Even More its Userbase

HolyOrangeCows3171d ago

Why don't they just SHUT UP about it all ready (I mean Microsoft AND the press)? The 360 is stuck with DVD and it's not going to change. It's going to continue to hold games back and microsoft will continue to try to justify the DVD as a medium for current gen gaming.

BattleAxe3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

MS has a strategy to sell XBOX 360 to the "tech un-savvy", thats why the majority of 360 gamers still game on Cathode Ray Tube TVs.

480p FTL!!!!!

schlanz3171d ago

lack of bluray is what is going to ultimately bring down 360 sales

Ravage273171d ago

whatever greenturd, the bluray drive allows us to play more attractive games.

i would be severely depressed had i been forced to play FF13 in sub-HD resolution. Let's just say that i didn't buy a HDTV to watch 576p CGI.

jjohan353171d ago

Wow Microsoft can say that about anything really.

WiFi absence key to 360 outselling PS3.
First party absence key to 360 outselling PS3.
RROD key to 360 outselling PS3 (used cheaper parts!).

vhero3171d ago

Hahaha I love this guy as he is a grade A moron. Although I agree Blu Ray cost Sony early. Sony knew this and it was all part of the plan as it was a 10 year plan as for MS where they are still trying to get a foot in the market. Howeever in the end its Blu-Ray what is gonna COST 360. As for the install base... Well failure rate and piracy has CERTAINLY been the main reason 360 is on top. As those replacement consoles before 3 year warranty was available still count and I bet they were in the million mark!

ludabenza3171d ago

I surely do worry for Microsoft if they can employ someone that cannot do basic Mathematics and fabricate such garbage.

arny3170d ago

Although I agree that a absence of blu ray will not increase 360 sales. If 360 got blu ray than ps3 and the 360 will be equal. All you fans talk about is how blu ray is better, you will have nothing to say at all. I hope the 360 gets blu ray so that you can all stfu

Persistantthug3170d ago

Microsoft bet its money on HD-DVD, and that horse lost and has since been shot and turned into glue. lol

But seriously, if MS really wants to help the 360 tech-wise, then it would need to include a harddrive with every 360 unit and allow developers to require Harddrive use with retail games.

edgeofblade3170d ago

Before you disagree with what I'm saying wholesale, I disagree with what Greenburg is saying. His numbers are odd if not completely false.

First, please stop dragging out this tired "only because of head start" argument. It doesn't work. I've explained this time and time again... so once more won't kill me: everyone has to live with their decisions. You can't realign the launches to make your console look better. They launched in different market environments... apples and oranges... 1950 dollars to 2010 dollars. 360 launched early, but with the RROD issue. Sony launched second but with the benefit of an additional year of tech to rely on. That's a fact. What you're peddling is unmitigated spin-doctoring. No... you have to live with the totals as they are right now... totals that A.G. is probably misrepresenting anyway, and that time will probably prove to be irrelevant. PS3 is marching forward.

Second, the diversity in the console market between the 360's online capabilities, the PS3's blu-ray capabilities, and Wii's expertise as a hardcore paperweight (har har) are ultimately good for the industry. It means more customers spending more money in more directions. Where the fanboy movement is going wrong is that they don't recognize this. They think this is a console "kill-the-other-guy-dead& quot; war. This is business. It's cutthroat but no one's throat actually gets cut.

Finally... lighten the f**k up. We are in the midst of a business cycle where butt-hurt fanboys are getting militant, booing the other system. Come on... a little class isn't asking too much.

kopicha3170d ago

definitely he is on typo. he actually wanted to say they sell double not due to that they dont have bluray. but more like because they have red ring. Since one 360 owner needs to buy more than 1. Sorry dont think i am a fanboy for making such comment but its the fact. since m$ basically only count all that ship and thinks that all shipped 360 are still alive and kicking arse out there but then they are actually kicking their own arse. with 30% or more failing rate they have not made a discount on their shipped 360 "worldwide" period! i know 360 fanboy probably gonna start attacking me when they see this but i cant really care. the matter of fact I have never know a single 360 owners within my circle of friends that have not bought more than 1 xbox360 due to RROD in fact couple of them bought as much as 3. aaron think too much already. he must be drunk when he made that comment.

Mutinous3170d ago

Sometimes I believe these "facts" are said to mislead the less knowledgable people into believing such nonsense, therefore making microshaft seem ahead of it's game.

Which begs to question...

Are there more naive reading believers or "I see smoke and mirrors" people in the world?

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dericb113171d ago

LOL. Why comment on this when all I can do is laugh. LOL

kenjix3171d ago

This guy knows they can't sell at the same price and the software just pales in comparison. We wanted quality AG, xbox is for base gamers

Dance3171d ago

So much wrong in that post

Redlogic3171d ago

behind making such claims. Is it because he thinks it'll get people to buy 360's or to pump up the kids/adults who already have one? I mean, how can Digital Distribution be the answer when you sell a Xbox without a hard drive? Twice the install base? Lets forget about all those who gamers who bought their second xbox because they thought there might be a chance the newer model never RROD'd.

I love the dedication this guy has to his job, but when you give an interview and make claims which are so unfathomably untrue someone has got to hold this guys balls to the flame. Honestly....

Dance3171d ago

Wish MS would get rid of that guy lol

RememberThe3573171d ago

Every time this guy comes out and says something meaningful he flows it up with this kind of... Idiocracy. lol

PirateThom3171d ago

Yep, holding back games is great.

Dance3171d ago

Companies need a scape goat

Godmars2903171d ago

Maybe, but not themselves nor their VPs...