ModNation Racers Release Date, Pre-Orders and Box Art!

Posted by Chuck Lacson,Associate Product Marketing Manager, SCEA on the PS blog.

"Well it's official! ModNation Racers on both PS3 and PSP releases May 25! On top of this, we kick off our official pre-order program today with participating retailers."

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butterfinger3116d ago

racing makes this game a must-have! I'm going to have to pick up a couple extra controllers, now. I'll definitely pre-order at GameStop for the Kratos Mod, but I'm sure we will see all of them available on the PSN soon after the game comes out.

xTruthx3116d ago

OMG YAY! its coming sooner than I expected

presto7173115d ago

Come on!! that is like forever away. And here I was thinking it will be out soon. Dammit.

bruddahmanmatt3115d ago

Mario Kart on crack. This game takes everything folks have always loved about Mario Kart and adds LBP levels of customization and does it all in HD. Hell I've already seen clips on youtube where folks have created Mario look-alike avatars and recreated various tracks from the game. I can't wait until someone does something nuts like create a mini version of the Nurburgring or other real life tracks.

TooTall193115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

It has ONLINE split-screen!

gta28003115d ago

I got into the beta and the beta alone was enough to get me to buy this. I didn't know it had split screen though. That right there just made this a day one purchase for me.

FamilyGuy3115d ago

I've been interested ever since it was first announced and the news about it has only gotten better as time progressed.

sikbeta3115d ago

YEAH!!! I'm all for this Game, Amazingly Fun Game...

blu_yu_away3115d ago

I'm so torn on this game. I don't like racing games or kart racers but I love LittleBigPlanet and user created content. This could be the first kart racer I get since Diddy Kong and Crash Team Racing.

Freak of Nature3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

I love games with creativity and style along with fun factor....

First LBP,my game of this gen,and now this.Thank the Gods above for studios that still think outside of the box....

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TOO PAWNED3116d ago

Again BS end of month release, so that it can look like joke on NPDs. Release it on June 1st

butterfinger3115d ago

what it looks like on NPD? That's not going to affect the quality of the game or the overall sales at all.

kratos1233115d ago

i didnt know gaming was about sales hmmm have to get myself a new hobby if thats the case

randomwiz3115d ago

maybe they wouldn't want it to clash with GT5, which i expect will be released at the end of June/July

Saturnize3115d ago

Wow you really need to take a look in the mirror if you care more about sales than the GAME ITSELF

Ravage273115d ago

we are getting great games every single month and yet you are complaining about NPD numbers?!?!?

Does it matter if it gets a nicer figure on the NPD report if it means we're getting a less polished experience???

blu_yu_away3115d ago

Not just complaining about the NPD numbers but complaining about the APPEARANCE of NPD numbers... /facepace

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cfountain3115d ago

gonna pre-order tmw after i pick up god of war 3.

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