Sony Upping PS3 Supply for God Of War 3 Launch

Sony is making sure there will be plenty of PlayStation 3 consoles available in North America during one of its biggest quarters of the year.

John Koller, SCEA's Director of Hardware and Marketing, told IGN the company is readying PS3 supply for important game releases, including tomorrow's God of War III launch.

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zeeshan3172d ago

GOW3 is almost here already but yeah, it's good to see Sony trying to keep up to the demand now.

There is something very interesting mentioned in this article. Did you guys read this?

"We'll be in a tight situation for a little while, but for big launches, and particularly for the titles coming in the back half of the year, we'll be fine."

'Particularly' for titles coming in the back half of the year? What does that mean? I know GT5 is going to be MASSIVE but what else do they have planned? Man, this sounds exciting!

Myst3172d ago

Should have done this for Final Fantasy XIII as well, but at least they are doing it for this game. Here's hoping those without one will be able to get one, and not have to drive 50 miles like I did...

-GametimeUK-3172d ago

I heard the PS3 is pretty high demand in the US right now and its hard to keep them on the shelves... With a game like GodOW3 coming out they NEED more PS3's out there because we all know GodOW3 is going to move some serious units.

xTruthx3172d ago

Not only in the U.S, here in PR their hard to find.