3 Reasons Why Modern Warfare 2 DLC Isn't Worth The Price

Richard Bailey of writes:Since the beginning of March, the ongoing saga between Infinity Ward and Activision has rocked the gaming masses by exposing controversial practices at the flagship studio. While reports surfaced that insubordination was the cause of two key departures, the biggest story came when it was announced that unpaid royalties also played a crucial role in the incident. Last night further suspicion arose when it was announced that the first Modern Warfare 2 DLC pack titled " Stimulus Package" would be released on March 30 for a whopping 1200 Microsoft points ($15). Here are a few detailed reasons why you shouldn't be so eager to pull the trigger on purchasing this package.

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BubbleSystemSuck2992d ago


The map pack name is STIMULUS...

Ironic, no?

I dont have any stimulus to buyit at that price

LukaX232992d ago

1. Activision
2. Activision
3. You get the idea...

Bnet3432992d ago

That is ironic. The price alone is enough to put it off for me. I'm not a fan of map packs anyway. For $15, you can probably buy a game like let's say Dead Space if you look around good enough.

pangitkqb2992d ago

This "stimulus" map pack is over-priced. Don't get me wrong, I've had a great time playing MW2, but I'm certainly going to enjoying BBC2's map-pack LONG before this one.

HolyOrangeCows2992d ago

You could get a slightly older game for $15, as Kigmal noted.

$15 for a couple maps in which half are old is ridiculous.

bjornbear2992d ago

I found Dead Space for € 15 would go a long way ;)

Somnipotent2991d ago

the only thing this is stimulating is activisions profits.

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Bloodshedder2992d ago

come on, its still gonna sell like hot pancakes

kingboy2992d ago

who's that babe on your avatar?

Anorexorcist2992d ago

But does that legitimize their worth and quality?

Megaton2992d ago

That's what cracks me up. It's like the people here...

Pre-MW2 launch: F*ck Activision! Boycott!
Post-MW2 launch: F*ck! This game sucks! Shouldn't have bought it!

Everyone's gonna gobble up the overpriced DLC too. If you sheep keep lining up, don't complain when you get sheered.

Automat2992d ago

that's not a babe ! It's a cnut, tranny, whore b!tch !

Bloodshedder2991d ago

its ree petra and shes not a trany... come on

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2992d ago
adonis1832992d ago

whyyyyyyy??? do people hate mw2 ...... its fun

DeHHagen2992d ago

Have you played any FPS that takes skills to get actual kills??

Mista T2992d ago

a 5 year old can be good at this game, the gimmicks kill the game and the unbalance is there. SMGs are useless

sealion882992d ago

MW2 is fun, but a lot of problems like glitchers ruined the game. Also the freakin servers are stupid.

Anorexorcist2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

"SMGs are useless"

Aww come on! That is not true. When I'm real stealthy, I can go around racking up 30+ kills with a silenced Uzi. Hell I've even been able to get 25+ kills consistanly with a Thermal-equipped P90.

iistuii2992d ago

Hearing the "it takes no skill" sentence everywhere, but i know for a fact that a good player will trounce a noob or casual player any day. It does take skill.On the subject of skill, does it take skill on BBC2 when your defending the crate , sat in a building opposite defending with a sniper rifle racking up kills ?. thats no different than camping. On topic, the DLC will sell well because it's still got the massive fan base and newer fresher maps will help keep it that way.

Idle h4nds2992d ago

Because it's the cool thing to do atm.

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Unbornkirkster192992d ago

yes games that require skill to get a kill- Team Fortress 2,Killzone 2 Halo 3. MW2 doesnt require skill.

simplyRealistic182991d ago

even tho i don't like halo , and i think it's a bad game sp and mp is meh and for dwebs, halo do take skill, and have you ever played halo against college douches who play that every day, it's like they have a sixth sense for headshots

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