Rumor: Leaked Famitsu scan reveals Monster Hunter 3rd for PSP

This isn't confirmed yet but it seems that the latest issue of Famitsu shows Monster Hunter 3rd for PSP.

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Myst3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Wait which is it..?

"The latest issue of Famitsu confirms..."

Yet it is marked as rumor in both the title as well as what it was submitted by. Either way Portable Monster Hunter yes!

Never mind seems it has been updated, either way Portable Tri~ Yay!

kratos1233195d ago

thnx fore the scan man
also is the release date fore japan because if thats the case then we can expect this game in 2011?

gaffyh3195d ago

So that means that other crappy magazine was right (can't remember the name, it was Game...something).

Coheno3195d ago

Huge in Japan --> Confirmed!!

PinkUni3195d ago

you guys think it will be online?

their costume designs are always amazing

peace walker plus this? PSP IS LOOKING FCKING GOOD

qface643195d ago

is it even tri? because its called 3rd it could be a whole different game for all we know
when i was browsing through and saw the scan to me the first thing i thought was shiren the wanderer

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BlackIceJoe3195d ago

Well if this is true then awesome news. I wonder if this one will have infrastructure play or just stay with ad-hoc. I hope it comes out with the real online play style. I think this is great news because it shows that the PSP is not going away. I for one love the PSP and more games like this is great news to hear.

Optical_Matrix3195d ago

I love that character design./ I hope this is real

maniacmayhem3195d ago

Seriously? Will they please just make one for PS3!

Narutone663195d ago

I want a full HD version of Monster Hunter on the PS3. Now if only they could add 3D into the game.

RememberThe3573195d ago

Can some one translate this please?

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