10 Game Company Idiots

Here's a list of the top ten videogame corporate dumbasses of all time. It takes a lot of genius to run a videogame company, and the people you see here are among the smartest you'll ever know, but nobody is immune to the occasional screw up.

Guess who's number 1.

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MajestieBeast2990d ago

Missing mister greenturd and its Kaz Hirai and not Kaz Kirai.

joeyda2990d ago

Maybe it was a pun. Kirai does mean "hate" in Japanese.

dorron2990d ago

I miss Gabe Newell and Pachter(ok, he's an analyst, but still related to the industry) in that list.

ednorris2990d ago

Bobby is a gem to have in this industry, a real creativity go getter.

tunaks12990d ago


good article