GameZone: EA Sports MMA Preview

GameZone's Dakota Grabowski writes,

"What the team was able to confirm was that refs will never disappear from the match, ring girls will be present, authentic entrances will be put into action (though, they wouldn't confirm Jason "Mayhem" Miller's extravagant walk down the runway with models), and corner men will show up during rounds; although no official corner men will be provided. Lastly, they were able confirm that both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions will be exactly the same and no planned DLC will be exclusive to either platform."

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Maximum Yuks3115d ago

I wonder how this is going to stack up against UFC 2010...

Caspel3115d ago

My money is on UFC 2010 taking home the pie this year for best MMA title. What does everyone else think?

pikemoney3115d ago

not to sure about this game it wont have the top tier fighters that ufc games have mostly the most popular of course , i guess will see

ilRadd3115d ago

I'm not big fan of MMA/UFC...neither the sport nor the games.

This will be a pass for me.


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The story is too old to be commented.