Splinter Cell: Conviction demo to release this Thursday

The Lost Gamer writes "We brought you news over the weekend that a Splinter Cell: Conviction demo was set to be released, yet Maxime Beland, Creative Director for the title, was unable to provide any details or even a date – however today that news has surfaced."

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Mildrop3195d ago

A month before release that's brave

BeaArthur3195d ago

How so? Lots of games have demos released well in advance of the game.

Hands Up For Games3195d ago

Thats not brave. Its giving the Fans what they want.

2 simple words; Woo and Hoo!!

otherZinc3195d ago

I hope it releases at 12am! The last time they released a demo for the XBOX 1, I beat that demo every way possible in preparation for the big game.

I hope its as good as that!

DelusionalMsBot3195d ago

The game was meant to be released 23rd of febuary so a demo this early isnt bad

HolyOrangeCows3195d ago

or NEXT Thursday if you're a wretched peon silver user like myself.

IdleLeeSiuLung3195d ago

I think releasing a demo before the game releases means the developer are confident the game is good. Even if the demo is there, you don't have to advertise it!

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Raf1k13195d ago

The game is on PC too but it doesn't say if there'll be a PC demo.

Fishy Fingers3195d ago

Sweet! There's a good reason to fire up the 360. Anyone clued up on what the demo consists of?

Grown Folks Talk3195d ago

There's a feature on it there. Appears we get a taste of single player & multi.

BeaArthur3195d ago

Single and multi? Sweet. I am really curious as to how the co-op and multiplayer elements will play.

Fishy Fingers3195d ago

Cheers Grown, I'll do that once I get home, I was really hoping to get to try out the co-op so if that's included I'll be stoked. +1

Seedhouse3195d ago

From watching the video, I only heard that the demo is just Single-Player? Or did I miss something?

Marojado3195d ago

The story looks intense but I'm actually more excited about the co-op campaign after seeing the trailer and gameplay for it. It looks to add a new strategic co-op dynamic that I haven't seen in the genre before.

Grown Folks Talk3195d ago

He said they wanted to give players a taste of everything. Also the screen showed start demo, continue demo, deniable ops, & multiplayer. We'll se I guess.

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GiantEnemyCrab3195d ago

Awesome! They must be really happy with it to release a demo this early. A shame I don't use Live any more.

divideby03195d ago

I have been a charter Gold member of sub expired this past Feb...and just so happens my third launch 360 went RROD...I was lucky cause the 3yr warranty expired this june..just got it back and they included a 1 month free gold pass...
I am playing Bad Co (game is meh to me) but so many budz are playing it..
For the first time I see the fun of party chat...BadCo only as 4 in a squad, so we all party chat since the game is gimped with small squads..its like playing in a big squad, the way the game should have been setup.
I just dont see why many think Live is better than PSN...for the life of me, I dont get it.

stuntman_mike3195d ago

cant wait! bring on the panther!

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The story is too old to be commented.