Why PS3 Needs a New Jak & Daxter Game

In a recent interview Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells hinted at a possible resurrection of the developer's PS2 platformer Jak & Daxter:

"Maybe we could go to Jak and Daxter as the next project. Maybe we stick with Uncharted [laughs]. Maybe we come up with a new IP. It's tricky to be able to tackle all of those at once. Right?"

Game developers have a habit of doing this. They say something without thinking about the ramifications of teasing people with words. Words that they ponder over. Like why they think there most definitely should be a new Jak & Daxter game on PS3. Here are six reasons why.

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-GametimeUK-3195d ago

To introduce me to the franchise... I seriously want to try this game out and I would have to pick it up if it came to PS3 :)

Im pretty sure this game would be another nice addition to the extensive genres out on PS3 and would build its robust library nicely ;D

Beast_Master3195d ago

Looks like someone is hunting for bubbles. Not gonna fall for it!

Nitrowolf23195d ago

"I think the next GTA should be a 360 exclusive so it doesnt suffer from the PS3's hardware limitations. It would be an amazing exclusive if it was made specifically for the 360 :)

But yeah I can wait for the next GTA game. No rush"
this was 101 days ago and then the next post is 25 min ago, wow thats along time to be gone
man this just got me thinking and hoping sony could do a jak and daxter remake collection like for god of war that would be great

TehSuperCell3195d ago

"ps3 needs this and that and this and omg it totally needs that"
When will the PS3 stop needing stuff?

unrealgamer583195d ago

the day you get laid.

but unlike you the ps3 gets attention.

Hey, i found a pic of you aka bungie.

TehSuperCell3195d ago

Why are you personally attacking me?

Cajun Chicken3195d ago

I wholly agree with this article!

jalen2473195d ago

Imagine the graphics using Naughty Dog Engine...