Why Gran Turismo 5 Oct Release Date Means Nothing

At GDC, Sony's Vice President of Marketing reportedly said that GT5 will be released this year, with another Sony rep declaring Sony is aiming for an October release. First thoughts on this? Pah!

It's a sad day when a promise has been broken so many times you don't believe a single word. Sony's cried wolf on this one far too many times.

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Fishy Fingers3167d ago

Well if only moaning could get you something sooner, we'd be on GT6 by now. But it doesnt.

Pennywise3167d ago

Well, Fishy... I guess it depends who is moaning and what they are moaning for if they are going to get it faster!! ^^

Saigon3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

there was an official release date I would applaud the author...but there has never been one...The media with all its speculation a Rumors made many believe the game was to released last year...and what happened...PD devs are perfectionist...and because of that I don't expect them to just give us anything...there is a reason why this game is the number one selling franchise...

Roper3163167d ago

when it hits it hits, and I personally applaud Sony & PD for not releasing the game until they feel it is ready and meets their standards. I am so tired of we'll release the game now and maybe fix it later via patches if we feel like it like most other companies do.

And if I was a betting man the reason for the most recent delay would be to add full motion support ( not that I want that ) and full 3D support ( I do want that )

lloyd_wonder3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Not even an official release date; there never was an official release date.

It's silly to think GT5 will not come out for another year, what with all the media coverage For GT5. And for once, they may just actually be done with the game This year. I however, do think the article is A valid one, with just and factual statements from Sony etc.