Castlevania: The Retrospective

That Gaming Site writes: "Set in 1691, vampire hunter Simon Belmont braves Dracula's castle alone, determined to end the Count's reign of terror. As more games were added to the series, the story chronology expanded in both directions, putting this adventure right in the middle of the Belmonts' ages-old feud with the Prince of Darkness."

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raiden_932963d ago

I'm ashamed to say I've never played a Castlevania game. Might be time I picked on up on the DS. Great article!

gfrag2963d ago

Same her man, and great article!

pangitkqb2963d ago

Honestly, I would love to see a full length, HD entry for this classic series. I mean, except for Gran Tourismo - hopefully coming this fall - and Twisted Metal, basically every other major series has now made a full appearance this Gen.

Come on Castlevania!

Controversy2963d ago

Would love to see a full iteration on today's tech.

Elven62962d ago

pogibaldy: They announced a new one for the PS3/360 recently, Lord of Shadows I think.

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Elven62963d ago

Good times with the original Castlevania! Haven't played one in a while, I did get Symphony of The Night though on XBLA.