Pads & Panels: Crime Scene Review

Crime Scene is a game unlike any other detective game this reviewer has played. Not only does the player have to figure out who is guilty, she must do so by going to the crime scene, collecting the evidence and later evaluating it. The actual steps performed in gathering and testing clues are as accurate as one can be in a video game, and uses only the stylus, microphone and the shoulder buttons. With controls as simple as that, one would think the tasks would be easy to complete, and for the most part they are, but some actions stick out as being infuriatingly difficult or touchy. Instructions for some actions only tell the player what to do and not how to do it, such as "Sort the DNA." The tools are inconsistent, such as when applying tape to a dusted fingerprint. Sometimes the player needs a piece much larger than the fingerprint, while other times, the game will only accept a tiny piece of tape that doesn't even cover the whole print.

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