IVG Review: God of War III

IVG writes:
God of War III is not innovation. Neither does it walk too far away from the shadow of its predecessors. Instead, God of War III is redefinition. It redefines our understanding of scale in video games. God of War III is restoration. It restores the meaning to a word we reviewers often throw at the drop of a hat - epic. It is the most beautiful violence you have ever seen in a video game. In all its moments of brilliance, you will revel in delicious bloodlust while the blades of exile are on song, and your most primal instincts will scream with delight. Pull out your most wicked smile for this one.

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cyborg3115d ago

Great review but I am dissapointed with the score. This game deserves nothing less than a perfect score. Well, atleast if you are as big a God of War 3 fan as myself. :D

xabmol3113d ago

The last game in a trilogy can be marked down in reviews for being too much like the previous 2 games?

gryfindor13115d ago

I think the score if pretty much justified...I mean we do know GOW3 is basically built on all the mechanics of god of war 2...which in turn was build on god of war 1 mechanics.

I think its totally justified if the reviewer chopped off the point for not having innovation.

raztad3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

So the moving titans and the epic scale, plus refinements on the combat mechanics dont count for anything? I see a huge innovation right there.

Was anyone expecting GoW3 no to play like GoW1 and 2 realistically speaking?

To drop a full point because "no innovation" is quite retarded. Considering most highly praised games out there are only refinements over their predecessors, or just repeating the same formula, cases in point MW2 and L4D2.


I'm pretty sure you will change your opinion as soon as you play GoW3. To climb up and kill a Colossus was an incredible experience but this is a totally different thing. We are talking about moving levels. The only thing close is UC2 train level.

Please dont forget to PM your impressions when you had played GoW3. I'm interested.

himdeel3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

I'd argue that it doesn't but it must be fun nonetheless. Besides I don't believe it's even possible for a game to truly "innovate" in this day an age.

Edit: For RAZ SoTC did that for me so I don't see GOW3 innovating in that way. True the scale is amazing but innovating not so much.

Likewise I don't see docking points for lack of innovation a justification. I'll also qualify my edited comment by saying games truly can be visually innovation in their presentation.

indiagamer3115d ago

this site don give rating in decimals...
the reviews are always perfectly rounded up...
he might have thought its a 9.5 but as per their tradition it gets a 9...
and who sais 9's bad..1!

thornh3115d ago

this is what i don't get....

Kratos just brings Gaia and the other Titans back in time and prepares to attack Olympus when he exclaims "Hold Gaia! I cannot continue our assault on Zeus until I come up with a few new moves! I have defeated all who have challenged me but it is not good enough! I am not innovative! Give me a few minutes will ya sweety?"

Seriously, the story continues right where it left off! Why should things be totally different! Enough with this already.

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SeriousHashBrown3114d ago

what do you mean by that

do you have something against the site/community?

cyborg3114d ago

What's so funny about that? I read the review, its good or am I missing something here? Please enlighten me regarding this?

seijuro3113d ago

Nothing wrong with the review, but interesting to come across one in N4G from IVG. Weren't aware they were posted here.

clintos593113d ago

What I notice with "Quality PS3 Exclusives" is they get rated harder as if alot of these game sites (Not All) expect innovation out of every ps3 BLOCKBUSTER EXCLUSIVE. We seen it with the first Resistance & Folklore when the ps3 launched to Heavenly Sword & Ratchet & Clank & Uncharted & then MGS4 & Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 & Killzone 2, & even Uncharted 2 didnt get the scores it really deserved & yet it had the most awards ever by any game in HISTORY, & u are seeing it again with God of War 3.

I mean WTF do these sites expect from PS3 Exclusives? So Halo 3 & Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 & Grand Theft Auto 4 all get a free pass and great scores and none of those games did anything new or even set any new standards in quality. Unless u call halo 3 playback feature worthy of giving it a perfect score then I guess your standards for a quality game is very low. Yes halo 3 multiplayer is addicting to halo fans & can be enjoyed for years but whats new? Just wish these reviewers were FAIR with ps3 reviews.