Quantic Dream Hoping For 'Other Great Things With Sony'

Quantic Dream COO Guillaume de Fondaumiere says that the Heavy Rain developer is looking forward to "other great things with Sony in the future"

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gameseveryday2833d ago

Considering the fact that the PS3 gave Quantic Dream so much to play with, they had to praise Sony.

mjolliffe2833d ago

Sony supported them extremely well. I think it would be good to get an experience like Heavy Rain on the Xbox 360, but it would be an insult to Sony if they don't give them another exclusive.

Excellent developers :)

SpaceSquirrel2833d ago

Heavy Rain was great. Can't wait for their next game.

Army_of_Darkness2833d ago

I was playing heavy rain last night and my dad comes in the room, then looks at my Tv and was like "what movie are you watching?"
so I said, Its not a movie, it's a video game...
then he's like" No, it can't be a game, they look like real people and they're even talking to each other"

so I said.. yeah, games can do stuff like that these days. I even had to move my character around while he looked at my controller to see if they sync. Lol! so old school...

raztad2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

QD is an amazingly creative devel studio BUT I'm dissapointed on their technical performance. 5G install, WTH? major bugs in the game, WTH? HR deserved to be polished to the extreme, with not loading screens and no installs. Thats something I've come to expect from Sony associated devels.

I'm waiting for them to release a patch to pick up the game. I hope they do better next time.

execution172832d ago

i got a game ending glitch :( my file won't load and i'm on the hardest difficulty without anyone dying. other then that one hiccup its awesome except when you have your gf watching and telling you to do this or that lol

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PhilipLarkin2833d ago

The idea of Heavy Rain, like the controls and that, were really good - but the story, characters and 'choices' were pretty useless.

RememberThe3572833d ago

You literally just said the opposite of everyone else.

bjornbear2833d ago

choices useless

i can see you haven't replayed the game...sad =/ thats kind of the point.

scruffy_bear2833d ago

Sony should just buy Quantic Dream

sikbeta2833d ago

The Idea of having a Dev like QD will benefit Sony in 2 Ways cuz QD not only is Gaming Developer, also is a Mo-Cap Studio

BlackIceJoe2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

I so think that would be awesome. I think if Sony did buy Quantic Dream would be a smart move and investment. Like Sikbeta said you would get not only a good development team but also a good mo-cap team too. Just think how cool it would be if Quantic Dream and Naughty Dog got to work together.

Seeing QD would now be first party could allow for some really cool things. Phil Harrison may not be around any more but before he left he made a smart move in getting Sony to work with QD to bring out Heavy Rain. So I would love to see QD become first party. It could only bring great things.

Sevir042832d ago

This game is amazing and Sony needs these developers under their umbrella. creativity will make sure your platform stands heads and shoulders above everything else. HR is an experience that can only be on the PS3. BUY THEM SONY.

movements2833d ago

Seems like they're there to stay - with Sony

MajestieBeast2833d ago

Cage was extremely happy with heavy rain sales i mean for such a niche genre to sell 600k or something is amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.