Boston Herald God of War III Review | Kratos ramps up rampage in 'God of War III'

How do you kill a god? Kratos, "God of War" 's unfathomably aggro anti-hero, could write a best-seller on the finer points of deicide. He rips gods' heads off, dissects them limb by limb, drives giant craggy rocks through their bellies, and sometimes just pummels their faces into puddles. Occasionally he also steals their shoes. Pick a god, any god, and odds are Kratos has reached through their eye sockets and thumbed around inside.

With "God of War III," Sony's premier franchise abandons the PlayStation 2, its longtime partner, for the younger, sexier, more impressionable PlayStation 3. The series has always mixed stunning visuals with excellently balanced action, and with the power of the PS3, Kratos' massacre through Greek mythology is more breathtaking than ever. "God of War III" makes the original games look like "Q*Bert."

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