How You Can Save The Silver Lining

IncGamers has spoken to the directors of The Silver Lining, the King's Quest fangame that was hit by a C&D from Activision late last month, in order to find out what fans can do to help save the eight years of work.

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thetamer2929d ago

Interesting. I'll be looking forward to the interview. Maybe activision can be taken DOWN

AndyA2929d ago

Wow, Activision is on fire at the moment.

Elly2929d ago

Interview aside and not really important but what on earth is that thumbnail of?

Fyzzu2929d ago

The iconic hat from the King's Quest series.

Leord2929d ago

Good.... I thought it was something... Else...

Maticus2929d ago

Haha, I was wondering that too!

Dorjan2929d ago

so they didn't get permission first?

Fyzzu2929d ago

Got permission from Vivendi when Vivendi owned the rights. Now Activision owns the rights and is shutting it down after 8 years work.

RockmanII72929d ago

that usually means the game would suck anyway. They should of finished it quicker.

Fyzzu2929d ago

For a game made by fans in their spare time? It doesn't surprise me in the slighest, considering how good it was looking :(

Elly2929d ago

I think for spare-time coders with outside committments it's pretty good. Diablo 3 isn't far behind that schedule. It's a bigger game but it's a vastly bigger dedicated team. I'm sure there are other titels that have taken longer than expected to complete.

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