You Will Have A PS3 In Your Pocket In Three Years

Can you imagine playing Grand Theft Auto 3 on your smartphone? If Imagination Technology is right, we soon could be. Gizmodo reports that a gigantic leap forward in mobile graphics processing technology is right around the corner.

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NateNater3169d ago

But will it blend?

On topic: PS3 graphics on phones seem unrealistic but I guess 3 years is long time so I could see it happening then.

frogdefdaa3169d ago

I think 3 years needed for mobiles to reach the resolution of Playstation 3.. w have to admit for instance that the resolutions of mobiles nowadays are far away from the resolution of mobiles 3 years back.

Automat3169d ago

Gta 3 is more like ps2.... not ps3

LukaX233169d ago

Um, I like PS3 the way it is now better TBH.

LinuxGuru3169d ago

Luka, your reply makes no sense (if you were replying to the comment above you, that is)

He is saying that playing GTA III on mobile platform is like having a PS2 in your hands, not a PS3.

LinuxGuru3169d ago

I would pick a top-down view like Chinatown Wars over crap looking GTAIII any day.