Meet The New Mass Effect 2 DLC Character

Bioware has just announced a new character in their upcoming DLC, Kasumi, a human master thief.

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resistance0223198d ago

Is it possible for her to be a love-interest?

Charmers3198d ago

Nope Kasumi won't be able to romance Kasumi, there will be very little interaction with her outside of her loyalty quest. If you want an idea of what this DLC will consist off then just think of a slightly expanded version of the Zaeed Massani DLC

Bubbly3198d ago

More like "Meet the character that should have came with the game, and not in some BS Dlc"

giovonni3198d ago

If it wasn't included in the game as long as its free DLC. I'm happy with it, hell it gives the game replay value. If she was already in the game I would have been done with it already, and may have traded it in.

Charmers3198d ago

That's the thing though this DLC is premium DLC, in other words you are going to have to pay for it. They haven't decided how much to charge for it yet but if it is more than a couple of bucks I am not touching it. In my view one non-interact-able character and 1 mission isn't worth any more than that.

sukru3198d ago

You cannot always finish what you started. Game developers have deadlines to ship their games, and probably half of the ideas do not make it.

So as long as it's not something already finished and stored on the disc (looking at Bioshock 2 DLC!), I'm fine with additional DLC. This is probably Bioware continuing to work on completing half-done stuff.

FantasyStar3198d ago

Boo, I want my Volus Biotic, or my Hanar Spectre!

hamoor3198d ago

is it free like the other DLCs??????