Britxbox: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review

Jasper Kashap writes: "Console Battlefield games have been generally successful over the years but 2008's Bad Company really hit the sweet spot. Although the single player portion was still noticeably weak relative to its peers, the class based multi-player was a resounding success. Jump forward two years and Bad Company 2 now has the monstrously successful and popular Modern Warfare 2 to contend with on both fronts.

Bad Company 2 opens with a superbly atmospheric flashback mission set in 1944 that introduces a piece of top secret Japanese technology capable of disastrous results. The 12 missions subsequent to that tell the tale of how Bad Company inevitably get unexpectedly caught up in a mission to subdue the threat of this technology falling into the wrong hands in present day.

The campaign follows a notably different ethos to that of its predecessor. Whilst Bad Company's missions were essentially open world sandboxes with objectives scattered throughout, Bad Company 2 demonstrates a more thoughtful and structured design. Levels typically have clear goals and paths towards them and vehicles sections, when not strictly on-rails, are few and far between."

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