DIY Exclusive: Hands-On with Slam Bolt Scrappers at GDC writes: "When I think about MIT, Hollywood has told me to think of Vegas card-counting. It's a popular story about some smart kids beating the system. Eitan Glinert and some of his cohorts from MIT's GAMBIT Game Lab are taking a different kind of gamble. They've teamed up to create Boston based indie studio Fire Hose Games. They recruited an artist off of Craigslist whose emailed portfolio was too good to be true and brought on an old friend to help manage the whole thing. While they've been in existence for a while now, they haven't yet shown off any real parts of their first game Slam Bolt Scrappers, though it was first announced a few months ago. So when I met up with Eitan at GDC, I wasn't expecting him to hand me a controller and crack open the game on his laptop as we sat in the middle of the busy convention center hallway."

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