Alan Wake: Several DLC Episodes this Year, Second Season Dependent on Audience

As revealed during this year's Consumer Electronics Show, tormented writer Alan Wake will continue his dimly lit journey in the form of post-launch downloadable episodes. After the internally episodic thriller hits shelves on May 18, Remedy Entertainment will extend it with at least two episodes in 2010. The scope of subsequent episodes and the duration of DLC support will hinge on the audience, of course, but Remedy managing director Matias Myllyrinne envisions a substantial engagement.

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WildArmed3198d ago

Cool. I hope we get treated like this in other games too, like Heavy Rain.
Episodic DLC for these types of games makes sense.. atleast to me it does.

GiantEnemyCrab3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Just as long as the game I buy for $60 is a complete experience.

I keep getting the feeling this is like going to be a partial story that will not make sense or wrap up in any type of satisfying conclusion unless you go and dump a bunch of money in the DLC.

Right now I plan on getting Alan day one but I have no plans to buy any DLC beyond the game. I better get my monies worth.