Complete N00b Guide to StarCraft 2 Beta - Part 4

The fourth part of the Complete N00b Guide to StarCraft 2 Beta continues with the Protoss.

Starcraft: IncGamers' ego helps new players through the proud but divided alien race and gives tips and hints on how to use their primary units.

The perfect guide to someone new to StarCraft, but interested in getting to know the game, as it will be launched in just a few months.

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Cogo2864d ago

Yeah, he has improved over the series so far as well :)

sh8kes2864d ago

Awesome, noobs like me need stuff like this

Leord2864d ago

Yeh, you're not alone. My friends need it too :P

Cogo2864d ago

I hear blizzard will make guide videos too at some point.

Leord2864d ago

So, with all the basics of all races done, what next does this "ego" has to come up with? :)

King Klear2864d ago

Not-so-tragically-bad noob guide perhaps?

SCFreelancer2864d ago

After how many parts are you a n00bnomore?

Cogo2864d ago

I think that has everything to do with how much you have been playing rather than videos seen :P

King Klear2864d ago

Too bad I'm a noob in execution, not gameplay mechanics. I need to play some more.

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